Are Animals Trying To Tell Us Something?

First there was the situation with the Crocodile Hunter being taken out by a stingray

Then there was that incident with the killer whale last week who apparently got way tired of that damned dog-and-pony show they have him doing several days a week, year-round…

…and decided to remind the trainer and the audience who was really in charge.

(That smiling whale knows he can change that scenario in an instant)

Now comes this…

Guess that snake showed him a fang thing or two. You can only mess with a cobra but so many times, then it just becomes a case of perpetually pushing your luck. There is no such thing as a “Snake King.” There’s just “The Annoying Guy The Cobras Tolerate.” If we didn’t know that then, we know it now.

I, for one, know to listen when animals try to tell me things and to not take too much advantage of the leverage I have of being the one “in charge.” As many of you know, I’ve got four dogs…

…so when they’ve got something to say, you’d better believe they get my attention. I’m outnumbered up in this piece, and my dogs are very smart and very conspiratorial. Four against one is not a fair fight. It’s not that I think my poopers would harm me. At least, not in the way that you would expect. They’d do something non-physical to me that was assured to break me down.

That’s right…they’d go straight for my shoes.*

*Thank goodness they’re pretty happy right now, especially since they just got a bunch of new toys, compliments of oh-so-nice Lo Zoner Saadia.**


Look at how your girl Lo immediately took to this one new toy that we’ve named “BooBoo.”

She loves her BooBoo.

Gotta keep the animals happy, folks, gotta keep the animals happy.

**Speaking of Saadia, check out her newest blog, “Neurotica and Nonsense,” in addition to her other two, “Saadia’s World” and “Adventures in Drinking.” Thanks for all the goodies!!! You’re the best!!!

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2 thoughts on “Are Animals Trying To Tell Us Something?

  1. >i don't kno' why people think animals are like cartoon characters, like they can't fuck you up!for instance:yogi the bear and ranger smith in real life, a real yogi the bear can have my pic-ka-nik basket anyday and would beat the shit outta ranger smith with one swipe of a paw!lemme tell ya, take away a big ass knife or a gun, humans really don't have a chance against the animal world.think about it…the only thing we have on the animal world is "reasoning". we kno' how to get outta shit, but animal rely on "instincts", which to me is "their" way of reasoning to the most primal degree, the degree of survival.


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