Happy Birthday, Rich And Bill!!!

Let’s give it up, y’all, for my old friend and faithful Lo Zoner (who holds it down even when I’m not here)…



Even though you may be holding a nut in that picture, you’re often the voice of reason and insight among us. The Lo Zone ain’t The Lo Zone without you up in this piece.

It’s also the birthday of my very, very dear friend and stealth Lo Zoner

…Bill Hobi.

Like Rich, Bill is one of the coolest, smartest, most loyal people you’ll ever meet in your life, a true Renaissance man who cheers me on when I write, cheers me up when I’m sick, and shares my passion and appreciation for music (Rich, you’d really click with Bill on the music tip; heck, on the financial tip, too. As a Senior VP of Wealth Management for Merrill Lynch, he knows a thing or multi-million about the subject). I miss him to pieces because I’ve been so busy all year, we haven’t had a chance to get up at all, which is tough after we spent a good chunk of 2005 hanging out all the time. But he knows my heart and he’s one of my favorite people in life. I just love, love, love him. And I love, love, love Rich. I guess there’s something about those Sag men.

Happy Birthday, fellas!!!!!

It’s a full moon, tonight. Get out there and do your thang. This song’s for the both of you, truly noble and great men. Real Romantic Warriors. (Click the words below to listen.)

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rich And Bill!!!

  1. >my bad…*** happy birthday bill…i kinda jump to comments before reading the rest of the post.***big ups to you too maaaaaaan!!!!!and don't forget to po', well, you know the rest of the story….lol


  2. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Rich, have a wonderful day. You derserve it. Bill,if you are one of Lo's favorite people in life, you must be good people. So I wish you a wonderful birthday as well.


  3. >Wha-wha-WHATTT?????!!! It's Jigga's birthday, too???? That explains so much…And yes, Rich, I know you love this song. I knew you and Bill both would enjoy it. Hence, that's why I played it.(I aims to please)


  4. >OMG! I can't believe this post! Here I am seeing it for the first time on Dec. 29th!!! And I was SO happy with the "Happy Birthday" song on my voicemail when I got back into the country! I'm still playing it! Yes, the FULL MOON was BRILLIANT in Playa Del Carmen on Monday, Dec. 4th, and I DID take advantage of it! GAWD, if you only knew! Yes, we Sag's don't often let life pass us by! THANK YOU for this! And, where did you lift that pic of me on the board? Ugh! The Internet…. busted!


  5. >P.S. I've also got the Romantic Warrior album on my iPod – the 80 Gig one with 12,000 songs! I think that album is vintage 74 or 75…about the same time Kenny G. was blowing up with Jeff Lorber Fusion!


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