>Why Racism Is A Long Way From Being Dead.

>Because it’s so ingrained, people don’t even realize when they’re being racists.

An investigation is underway in Tempe, Ariz., after a police officer told two African American men they could avoid getting a ticket if they performed a rap for him.

The incident was played out on a reality show produced by the local police force. It was supposed to highlight the department’s philosophy of community policing, but has instead sparked controversy.

In the clip, an officer pulls over two African American men on charges of littering. He offers them a way out of the ticket, saying, “No littering ticket if the two of you just do a little rap.”

The men, neither of whom are actors, agree. One of them rhymes, “The dangers of littering you will get a ticket. If you ain’t with it, you better be experienced.”

Lovely. Wonder if the officer would have asked white guys to rap. Maybe he would have asked them to shoot up a high school, raid the pensions of thousands of hard-working employees, or start a fake war. Because, you know, white folks are so much better at that kind of stuff than we are.

Oops!!! Did I say that out loud? Am I a racist?


Where’s Kramer when you need him?

Click HERE to watch the video.

ABC News: White Cop Has Black Men Rap to Avoid Ticket

7 thoughts on “>Why Racism Is A Long Way From Being Dead.

  1. >hey lo…nice new look of the lo zone…hopefully those blogger bums will get it right this time.kinda sad to see the brothers and the police officer go thru that routine. here's where many of US (black folk) and THEM (white folks) seem to forget…back in the day, WE were "constantly" humiliated to the point of doing such antics to receive a tip, get a job, anything to make a living. case in point: stepin fetchit. i guess THEIR mindset just doesn't go that far. it's almost like the brothers sold their souls for $250. yeah, it was harmless but who's going to look like fools forever in cyberspace.but what interest me is they were in a parking lot, possibly on private property. if so, if the crime of littering happened on private property, what business is that of the police officer to issue a ticket? who gets a ticket for littering?…are you serious? hmmmm…i wonder deep inside the cop's heart, because these guys were rollin' in a benz, that he wanted to "racially" humiliate them to prove a point. remember he's always right because he has a gun and a badge.


  2. >Step and Fetch comes to mind and also The Five Heartbeats when they were forced to sing for the Po-Po. That scene still makes me mad, but I love the way Robert Townsend had his character sing "America" in the car after that incident. It kinda puts in perspective.


  3. >I believe the incident depicted in "The Five Heartbeats" actually happened to the Dells, who did the singing for the soundtrack and on whom I think the movie was loosely based. They were pulled over by some traffic cops and forced to perform. I think a threat was implied and they didn't have a choice.


  4. >"I think a threat was implied and they didn't have a choice."…sums it up perfectly for the movie and the reality spot, caught on tape.welcome to the lo zone sharon!!!!


  5. >Seems to me that the choice was completely theirs to make. Can anyone envision themselves doing a rap for the cops to get out of a ticket? I would rather pay the money and preserve my self respect.


  6. >considering they were getting a ticket for littering, would it have been easier to pick up the trash and put it in the garbage, then what? you get a ticket for cleaning the street?


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