>Check Out My Girl On "The View"!!!


My dear friend, Shaun Robinson, from Access Hollywood

…is co-hosting The View this morning.

Be sure to check her out, and if you like how she is on the show, write in and let them know!!!

Shaun Robinson’s MySpace Page


8 thoughts on “>Check Out My Girl On "The View"!!!

  1. >Brandy's eyes are on each side of her head. The skinnier she gets the more pronounced it has become. Ill give her one thing: Her makeup artist is the shit! Her shadows and blending is perfect in every picture that I see.


  2. >I want Shaun to get a permanent chair too (if she wants it!!!) — she'd be better than the whole cast!Lo the new site treatment looks great, so glad you are back on track….xxx"alex in w"


  3. >"Brandy (or did she try out another show?). Anyway, It's something about that girls head that I just don't like." – Richwow. totally missed that one rich…first star (with the lost weight ufo alien look) and now brandy. two aliens from the close encounters of the kick'd to the curb kind…lol *can't y'all hear the theme music to star trek now?!!!!….lol*okay,i know that was cold…but shit happens!


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