>He Deserves Every Penny.


I’ve been a tremendous fan of this man for more than two decades.

His wry wit and self-mocking zany presence runs rings around Leno. And now we get him for a little bit longer. Happy days. Happy days.

David Letterman isn’t going anywhere. CBS Corp. announced Monday that the late-night funnyman has signed a contract to stay on the air until at least 2010. It was widely reported in September that Letterman had agreed to the deal.

The contract means Letterman plans to stay on the air longer than late-night rival Jay Leno. NBC has said that Leno will give way to Conan O’Brien on the “Tonight” show in 2009.


Letterman is expected to make somewhere north of $30 million a year. He’s been competing with Leno since 1993, and the NBC comic has had the upper hand in the ratings for the past decade.

Upper hand, shmupper hand. Who needs to be number one when you’ve got job security and $30 mil a year in your pocket? Plus he doesn’t have the pressure of having to keep the top position.

That Letterman is a freakin’ genius.

New York Post: Letterman Signs With CBS Through 2010

6 thoughts on “>He Deserves Every Penny.

  1. >you know, i never really watch letterman before, mainly because i'm using working at that time of night and too cheap to get tivo or too lazy to record on the vcr back in the day…….but with so many other t.v. programs on cable, "uncensored", at that time slot, is he really worth all that?


  2. >Letterman is off the chains crazy…sometimes i have him on while im trying to go to sleep. from time to time i will hear something so outrageous i will end up laughing in the twilight of my sleep.fcjuj????<<<<


  3. >Too late now, he got that deal inked. Jay Leno and Conan have their moments but they have never been as funny as Letterman. On another subject — the only thing I don't like about bloggers new format is that you have to post a comment to see the photo identities of the bloggers. You hit the link to see comments and you see who said what, but you don't get the photos until you decide to post. It might help with regards to overloading the network, but it kind of demotes the fun.


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