>Run For The Border Bathroom.


An E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 22 people — two of them seriously — was linked by health investigators Monday to three Taco Bell restaurants in New Jersey.

All but two of the people who fell ill had eaten at one of the fast-food restaurants between Nov. 17 and Nov. 28, authorities said. But exactly what food contained the bacteria was still unclear.

We have to find the food they all had in common,” said David Papi, director of health for Middlesex County.

All but four of the victims are under 18, authorities said.

Find the food they all had in common“? It’s called anything at the damn restaurant. Sheesh. The jacked-up part is that Taco Bell can really hit the spot in a pinch, particularly very late at night when not much else is open. But you always pay for it later, sometimes within moments after chowing down. Nine out of ten times, you’re gonna get the shits after eating some TB.

It’s interesting how most of the victims are teens. I guess grown folks don’t exactly see (fast food) tacos as a compelling food choice. Is it because they give you the shits?

Yahoo News: E. coli in N.J. is linked to Taco Bell

7 thoughts on “>Run For The Border Bathroom.

  1. >they don't call it "dirty jersey" for nuthin'…….but funny how no one gets sick over eatin' street hot dogs bka "dirty dogs" in new york city…it's all about the water baby…all about the water!


  2. >taco bell was my very first job in high school…it used to be really good when tacos were just 39 cents…but when i found out that the taco meat was a Grade D (Lo, I think your poopers eat better meat than whats served at taco bell) and you had to boil it in bags to cook it I quickly turned to Qdoba. (does anyone else have a qdoba in their area???)I have to give it up to them…they were really supportive and a sponsor when I was cheerleading in high school.


  3. >See???Everyone thinks I have food issues. Sheletha's comment just proves that you HAVE to be careful when eating fast food. (Especially Taco Bell, apparently)What's Qdoba?


  4. >QDoba is the bomb diggity yo!!! Its another mexican restaurant where they make the food right in front of you. You can literally bust your stomach if you eat the entire serving!!! ITS SO BIG! (that's what SHE said)The Steak Nachos…mmmm delightful! When I found one down here in N. Carolina after I moved it was like violins playing and doves flying over my head. I was in awe!!! A piece of Michigan right here. I didn't know it was a franchise.


  5. >When I frequent Taco Bell I usually go get my food, take it into the restroom and toss it into the toilet, thereby cutting out the five minutes it's going to spend in my stomach. What's the point, really?


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