>Very, Very Cool.

>Check out this really great review of my book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

…that author Stephanie Casher did on her site. She enjoyed the book so much, she blogged about it. Things like that just make my day. Thanks, Stephanie!!!

Click HERE to read the review.

Work in Progress: REVIEW – Lolita Files’ sex.lies.murder.fame.

7 thoughts on “>Very, Very Cool.

  1. >Why do I have 3 copies of this book? LOL…Lo I must really love you. But it is not surprising that you have great reviews. I have loved all of your books. Some of the new jacks need to take lessons from you.


  2. >It's great when anothr writer is so generous but I must say that Stephanie's review got to the core of what was SLMF perhaps more than any other review I've read. I had not heard of Stephanie but the sister is definitely an intelligent woman.


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