Where’s A Match When You Need One?

Carjacked at knifepoint while pumping gas, a 75-year-old woman didn’t give in without a fight. Mary Gean Smyth opened the door of her sport utility vehicle and doused the assailant in gas.

“I’m sure he was burning like mad,” Smyth said of the Tuesday carjacking. “I mean, I drowned him right in the face.”

Police caught up to Smyth’s GMC Denali Envoy at a restaurant and arrested 52-year-old John Clay Stricker Jr., a transient with an address in the North Texas town of Lake Kiowa, Tyler police spokesman Don Martin said.

Smyth said police told her the suspect had apparently taken a shower because he had a bag with fuel-soaked clothes and a bar of soap […]

Betcha dude won’t be stealing anybody else’s car anytime soon. People often pick on older folks, mistakenly thinking they’re easy prey. Sometimes senior citizens are some of the meanest mofo’s you ever want to meet. They’ll whip your ass quicker than a young buck. This woman is proof.

Granny’s got gas and she ain’t scurred to use it.

AP: Woman, 75, douses alleged thief with gas

3 thoughts on “Where’s A Match When You Need One?

  1. >okay what about she went to get something to eat after everything went down!!!!! I can just see her chillin with her friends when the police walked up to her."Gurrrl, this mutha…tried to jack me, i got his ass though, yes i did.""Whatchu do?""I gave him the gas face, the gas face""heeheee…that'll teach 'em"Matt and Lance can take over from here.


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