>Maybe Now They’ll Leave The Little Boys Alone.


Go ‘head, brother Father!!! You show ’em how it’s done…

An excommunicated Roman Catholic archbishop continued his defiance of the
Vatican on Sunday when he ordained two married men as priests.

In front of a congregation that included nearly two dozen members of the media at the Trinity Reformed Church, Raymond A. Grosswirth of Rochester, N.Y., and Dominic Riccio, of Newark, were installed by Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo.

The ceremony, in a blue-collar neighborhood situated directly across the Hudson River from midtown Manhattan, concluded a two-day convention of Milingo’s advocacy group, Married Priests Now!


The wives of both men helped their husbands on with their vestments before each man was anointed. Grosswirth and Riccio concluded the ceremony at the West New York church by officiating over communion.

“I feel great elation,” said the 72-year-old Riccio, who lives in Barnegat with wife, Claire, and has four children and two grandchildren. “This is the culmination of 31 years of waiting.”

The men now will be able to perform the duties of a priest, such as administering last rites.

Grosswirth, 57, who has been married since 1994, recalled forming a group in Rochester in the early 90s comprising men over 40 who were interested in the priesthood, then seeing it dwindle down to nothing over the issue of celibacy.

Milingo has called celibacy “outdated” and noted on Sunday that it was not required of priests until the 12th century.

See? That black priest knows it’s not natural for a man to go his whole life without busting regular nuts. That’s why all those priests went bonkers on altar boys in the first place. Priests being married only makes sense. It’ll make the church a safer place, for criminy. The priests can focus on saving souls instead of losing their own.

AP: Cleric installs married priests in N.J.

9 thoughts on “>Maybe Now They’ll Leave The Little Boys Alone.

  1. >I actually saw a documentary about celibacy and the Catholic church a few years ago.It was interesting. The whole premise of the film was when a man is denied sex, they often become violent and predatory. It made a lot of sense to me then. It makes more sense to me now. I wish the Catholic church would figure it out. The number of abuse stories is becoming unbearable.


  2. >hmmm…i ain't the one to pass judgement, but to have the vatican to give the ok to bone ol' gurl ain't gonna solve the problem. the problem is that there are some sick fucks out in the world, that have infiltrated the very mindset of God-fearing, humble people. that ranges from punks to priests, to working professionals to politiciansand on…and on…and on…what happens to the first priest that marries, cheats on his wife (cause she has a "headache") with someone in the congregation, or heaven forbids "then" takes unto a child. then what?


  3. >Oh no no no no, you guys….The world of religion introduced this sickness to the world. Everything used to be ah-ight until the church decided (circa 12th century) that it was far too costly for the church to support men and THEIR FAMILIES. That's when the sudden change to celibacy was enacted. Shame that. The church outlawed pussy. That's why I never joined and never will.


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