>I Wonder If She’ll Turn Into Spider-Woman.


Her body’s already become transformed…

A small spider bite turned out to be a big problem for Cindy Pettey. Pettey awoke when she was bitten on the stomach in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, but thought little else of it. Then she started running a fever, she felt achy and weak. The bite sore became larger.

Next thing Pettey knew, a doctor was telling her he believed she’d been bitten by a dangerous hobo spider.

Pettey had surgery that removed 10 pounds of skin and flesh, leaving her with an abdomen covered in stitches.

“It looks like I was bit in half by a shark,” Pettey said.

Rob Hendrickson, a physician and director of the Oregon Poison Control Center, said the hobo is a non-aggressive spider that bites only when cornered. For example, when someone puts on a shoe with a spider inside.


“In reality, most spiders are venomous, but aren’t capable of penetrating human skin,” Hendrickson said.

Hobo spider venom may cause necrosis, or death of the skin. When a spider injects venom below the skin, it reddens, swells, then turns black. But there is some doubt in the medical community about whether venom causes the skin death, Hendrickson said.

“If the venom can actually cause necrosis in humans,” he said, “… then it is a very rare event.”

Sh*t. From now on, I’m sleeping with my belly covered and I’m definitely checking the insides of shoes!!

SFGate.com: Spider Bite Turns Serious for Ore. Woman

4 thoughts on “>I Wonder If She’ll Turn Into Spider-Woman.

  1. >scientist can say what they want…spiders. them shits got to go!the worse feeling is to walk into a spider web at night. you can't see them summa bitches but you know there, as the spider lay back in the cut, laffin' at yo' ass as you do the spider dance (trying to get the spider off of you)…lol


  2. >I'm scared of spiders, but not too scared not to kill one of those suckers. Will crush them with anything I can find.Lolita, it makes you want to be covered from head to toe. I would freak out if I felt something crawling on me in the middle of the night.Lance, I hate when that happens and the web gets in your hair…then you walk around thinking you feel something crawling on you…or is that just me…lol


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