>When Siblings Go Bats.


This sounds like something out of my book, Child of God

An incestuous romance exploded in a gruesome murder-suicide when a Brooklyn man clubbed to death his half sister – who was also his lover – and her two teenage kids, cops said.

Relatives and neighbors who had been trying to reach the family for a week summoned cops yesterday to the Walt Whitman Houses in Fort Greene, where a foul odor emanated from behind the locked door.

Inside, the bodies of Haydee Soto, 42; her 15-year-old son, John James (J.J.) Bordoy, and 13-year-old daughter, Valerie Rivera, were found bludgeoned in three different rooms.

The man believed responsible for the horror, Hector Viera, 34, was on the kitchen floor with a hypodermic needle in his arm, dead of an apparent overdose, police said.

A bloody baseball bat was found in the apartment, and there was no sign of forced entry, sources said.

As detectives tried to pinpoint a motive for the violence, they were also unraveling the twisted relationship between Viera and Soto.

The two were half siblings, with the same father. But cops say they also had a sexual relationship – one they didn’t try to hide from friends and neighbors who frequently spotted them holding hands and kissing.

All that time I thought I was writing fiction, but I guess this kind of thing goes on a whole lot more than folks let on.

New York Daily News: B’klyn bat horror

5 thoughts on “>When Siblings Go Bats.

  1. >Wow Juan, you must never have heard of that guy whose God told him to beat his son to death….oh….wait…Course, no husband on this planet would believe that an "angel" knocked up his wife in these trying times…


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