>Guess Who’s Still Asleep?


Sorry, y’all.

She’s a bit exhausted from pulling some really long days and nights, so today is therapeutic for her. She’s really whooped. But she’ll be back tomorrow.

Talk amongst yourselves.


24 thoughts on “>Guess Who’s Still Asleep?

  1. >Get some rest. I'm sure it's much deserved. I'd also like to give a shout out to all the newcomers from recent posts.AlexNetteSheilaSharonHope I didn't miss anyone.Ok, now that the preliminaries are out of the way, Lance, let's piss off some folks with the old party planning routine.Matt and Juan, what's up fella's, the room is full of ladies these days, let's represent!!


  2. >okay so we are still going to miami right???? lance was thinking the first weekend in june…or whatever the full moon over the ocean is going to be. he said something like that….


  3. >I have to check my schedule. Me and wifey are going to Cabos next year somewhere around that time, but Miami in June sounds good so far. The kids should all be out of school by then. Since I have family in Florida, it's a family trip whenever I go. Sheila, and everyone else for that matter, y'all can call me Rich, for short, using the acronym RITS sounds like a disease or something.


  4. >yeah, my peoples…we're trying to do a little sumpthin', sumpthin'…a lo zoners party…whether lo's there or not…hehehehehe…hear that AGAIN lo?!anyway, in the past, we kick'd the idea around more or less a surprise b'day party for lo. so since that didn't jump off, we wanted to do something. we thought about going to LA, to bring the party to lo or miami, she has family there as well as rich and my ol' stompin' grounds. plus shit happens in miami. in LA, you're lucky to get a drink after 1am…fuckin' californians…nyc wannabees, but that's another story.as a former resident of miami, every weekend there, as well as all of florida, is like a vacation. me, i just camped out on the beach, writing my screenplays, mackin' hunnies, drinkin' likka and smokin' cigars. and takin' it one-day-at-a-time.about the moon… the full moon over the atlantic ocean, especially from south beach, is like cherry on a hot fudge sundae and sex on the beach is never the same.as far as the moon goes in june, it will be in its full phase from june 11 – 14, 2007 (the middle of the week) the weekend prior, 9 – 10, the moon will be available just not full (well, sorta)…keep in mind also that it's hurricane season too…so, if sum shit jump off weatherwise, don't shoot the messenger!


  5. >Ooooookay (in lil jon fashion)…THE DATE IS TENATIVELY SET…JUNE 9-10, SAT/SUN…MIAMI, FLORIDA. SURFIN' FOR HOTEL ROOMS ON SOUTH BEACH NOW!!!!!* i'm gonna be there a couple of days ahead of time to catch up old friends and stuff…*


  6. >if we all put forth an effort to do it, yeah…just need to plan ahead and do the damn thing…i'm just going to plan on going to miami that weekend and if anything jumps off, kewl.if not, oh well….i'm partyin'!yeah, rich…bring a blanket!….lol(;-P~~ <== get yo likka on!


  7. >the only problem i forsee, is that there are a LOTTA people that visit the lo zone but never post or reply, but they may wanna come, but only if LO is there…which is cool, i understand that.but, personally for me, it's just a fellowship deal to do something unique. what the response is going to be like….i don't know.what are we going to do in miami?i don't know. party fo sho!who? where? when? questions? questions?…i have no answer now. but if it just 5 or 6 people looking to CREATE something, then a party will pop off, regardless of the circumstances. sometimes you just gotta make shit happen…


  8. >I don't know whats going on tomorrow let alone june 07. the only problem I foresee is life getting in the way. Other than that Im staying on that damn treadmill and saving some coins. As that date gets closer we can see what hotels will be availible and book em danno!!!


  9. >Well, the date is the first step, we can organize and post details later, even see if others want to come along for the party. Don't be intimidated, come on out. It shouldn't be too wild, just fun, but the disclaimer has to go forth.We can look at getting a conference room for a mixer of some sort. Sit around and talk, play cards, discuss books, politics or whatever is cracking at that time. Whatever it is, the date is set.


  10. >I dont know you all that well but I would like to get in on this Miami thing I party with the best. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the group. I just started a really boring job and you guys help me get through the day. THANK YOU.


  11. >Nette, welcome to the best way NOT to get any work done!!! Im usually somewhere between rich's spot, saadia & dawnya's spot reading and blogging my own. I tell my collegues to look at my end work not my process…cause you would think I don't do anything in the world of advertising. Sometimes things get too funny, especially Lance & Matt, and I have to hide under the desk to get my laugh on. I have other little idiosyncracies that you will get used to as time goes on. so sit up and may like you are doing something important.


  12. >Okay..I'm so stoked (damn i got that word from my pink toe hubby). I am so there. I am not bring Charles…I need to have some "me" time…and I will try my best to behave! Lance…I don't care if the moon don't shine I will still howl all night long…because this is going to be the best damn "family" reunion ever! Nette…welcome to the best damn blog ever. And Sheletha is right…you will not get any work done messing around with us. We check this blog and all the others so many times a day it is out of control. But to know us is to love us. Hey Rich…Miami can handle us…yet they might not let us back..but while we are there…we are going to be the party!!


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