Happy Birthday, Juan G!!!!!!

Let’s give it up for this man, y’all.*

He’s one of the most vocal LoZoners in the comments section and one of the best people you ever want to meet.

Little did I know that fateful day nine years ago that the man dancing over to me during my signing at Chapter 11 Books in Atlanta would become such a consistent and significant presence in my life.

Lucky me. Lucky all of us for being graced with such an amazing human being.


Happy Birthday, Juan!!! We love you, man!!!

*That’s right, I had the nerve to hijack your MySpace pic. I love that photo, though. That look of mystery/mischief on your face is priceless!!!

Juan G’s MySpace Page
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12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Juan G!!!!!!

  1. >Big ups to my man Juan. I can't wait to meet you in person. If not in Miami, I'm going to look you up when I'm in the DC area next year.Anyway, enough babbling. Happy Birthday to a fellow Sagittarian.


  2. >You know this is one of those occasions where "thank you" just doesn't seem enough.You guys don't know how much this post and your comments mean to me. As you all know I am dealing with some health challenges and this is one birthday (49th) that I can honestly say that I am just happy to see it. But more importantly it's good to know that there are people (some who I have never met) who wish me well.Lo, I can't say enough good things about you and like you said, who would have thought a chance meeting would have turned into such a connection. You are one of the most "giving" people I know and it's an honor to call you friend.I am not responding as much as I used to but trust and know that I am keeping an eye on all of you (smile). I have a doctor's appointment at the end of the month and I am feeling a "miracle" in the works.Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you again.


  3. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY Juan!!! I will speak your mircle into existence…and I will put the faithful prayer warriors on the case! You have a good birthday..and know that your cyber family is in your corner.


  4. >Dawnya, there is power and prayer and I have a feeling your "warriors" know how to "battle." Thank you, thank you, thank you.Sheletha, you know you my girl!


  5. >Happy Birthday Juan! Hey, I know the number of a birthday cake specialist who builds solid steel frames inside cakes to support an overage of candles. Let me know if you want the number!Kidding! Have a good one!


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