Friday Flashback: Prince.

I’ve loved this man for a long time. A really long time. Ever since his first album, For You

…debuted in 1978.

To that end, I’m providing a link to some classic video with a two-fer from his sophomore effort, the eponymously-titled, Prince.

Here’s THE LINK. It’s Prince in 1980 (in what I believe is his first appearance on American Bandstand) singing “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad.” Check out Andre Cymone—who went on to produce mega-hits (and a child) with 80’s superstar Jody Watley—and Dez Dickerson (!!!), whose stance is curiously, freakishly wide-legged as he performs. I won’t comment on the interview Prince has with Dick Clark. I’ll leave that to you guys. I’m sure you’ll have something to say about it.

And to make up for not being able to embed the above video here (because WordPress can be so full of shit about which sites you can and can’t embed video from), here’s a full concert (over an hour!!!) from January 1982. Don’t never say I ain’t give y’all nothing.

Who loves you? I do!!!

Happy Friday!!!

14 thoughts on “Friday Flashback: Prince.

  1. >i have loved me some prince since elementary school…my daddy didn't like him and I had to sneek to see Purple Rain. At that time it was considered porn (the love scene in the basement with Applelonia).I heard hes performing in vegas…I have to see that once in my lifetime


  2. >Hey Lo – I still love me some Prince… I will never forget when my mama snantched the poster off my wall with him in the shower! I was in shock. so i got my camera and took a picture of my friends poster and kept it in my wallet. By the time Purple Rain hit i was a die hard FANATIC – clothes and all. i even drew a piture of the half face on my wall. it was kewl!!!!!!!!!ps – i love the new page layout!


  3. >i don't blame yo' daddy…i didn't like him back then either…i was into rick james……pass the joint!…bustin' out!…mary jane!those two had an off/off relationship musically speaking back then.long time, no see lboogie..welcome back!!!!


  4. >I've also seen Prince twice and it was heaven. The first time was in Miami in 1997. I was supposed to interview him for a cover story for radio station HOT 105's Rhythm Magazine. I was shocked when they called me for the gig (I wrote several of their celebrity cover stories—Jamie Foxx, Maya Angelou…). Anyway, I was shocked because Prince was known for not doing interviews, but they called me and said I'd interview him before the show, I'd get four tickets, and get to go to the after-concert at his club Glam Slam on South Beach. True Prince heads know that his after-concerts are sometimes more exciting (and longer!!!) than his actual concerts. You never know who's going to show up at the after-concert, and they jam way into the morning. Anyway, I was losing my mind that I was going to get to do this. I'm a HUGE Prince fan. HUGE. I invited my friend BJ Barry (who was a popular radio jock in the S. Florida market), and my boy Troy and his wife Rejeana to go with me. Troy might be the only person I know who is a bigger Prince fan than me. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually had that Prince symbol tatted on his person somewhere. At the last minute, I get a call that Prince changed his mind and didn't want to do an interview. Natch. I still went to the concert and had a blast, and the after-concert (which didn't start until nearly 3AM) was KILLER. Dougie fresh jammed with Prince and they went through song after song. Mayte (Prince's then-wife) even came on stage and danced.I also saw him here at the Staples Center in 2004 during the Musicology tour. That show was INCREDIBLE. But then, Prince can't do a bad show.He was so cute in his little shoebooties with the clear heels. Prince is the only man who can wear clear heels and still be seen as 10,000% masculine.My friend Shaun (Robinson) has been invited to Prince's house here in LA several times, and he even sang a song to Shaun's dad during a mini-concert at his house. Shaun says she's going to take me with her the next time she goes. I promise not to look directly at him and speak without being spoken to if it means I get to be inside his royal world. You can bet that when it happens, I'll be blogging about it, fa sho. And if I'm brave/crafty enough, I'll try to figure out a way to get him to take a pic for The Zone.


  5. >LBoogie, I'm just seeing what you wrote about taking a picture of your friend's poster of Prince and keeping it in your wallet. That is HEEEEEEE-LARIOUS!!!! Us Prince fans do what we gotta do to get our fix on. In 1997, me and three other die-hard Prince fans (including the deejay) did a special, one-night radio show from 12 midnight to 6am on WBAI in New York where we did nothing but talk about our love of Prince, our favorite Prince songs, Prince encounters, Prince myths and urban legends, et al. During it all we played nothing but obscure cuts and bootlegs. There are that many, okay? There were enough B-sides, never-made-its (stuff that isn't on any album), bootlegs, and live versions of his music to get us through six hours of programming. It was a freakin' BLAST!!!


  6. >big ups to you again lo for that jay-z/prince mash-up post…i bought a copy for my cousin as a b'day gift…"who seems to have everything"…but he didn't have this!you know you're a prince fan when you have the "the prince symbol" tattoed on ya, that's my cuz, didn't sound too bad, jay-z lyrics ova prince beats…hey, i'm surprised i haven't heard it on the radio yet, as least on a mixtape radio edit.


  7. >The first time I saw Prince was in a small venue in Boston circa 1978 and he was wearing gold lame hot pants and knee-high boots. That was my introduction to the then new kid on the block. Appearance aside I was definitely an instant fan.The interview with Dick Clark only shows that Prince has always been Prince but I thought it was hilarious when he held up four fingers to indicate how many years ago — I could just imagine him saying "dees many."Thanks for the trip down memory lane Lo.


  8. >Juan, when he held up those four fingers, I cracked up. It was like he was a first grader or something. And those coy-yet-mocking answers to Dick's questions were both funny and bizarre. It's amazing how we instantly embraced a man who was so freakishly eccentric.


  9. >LO I am getting my liquor cabinet ready for the b-sides of Prince this month!!! after the kids are snug and sleep on x-mas my lonely missing chi-town ass is going to play "another lonely christmas, free, the whole 1999 album, and positivity, okay the whole love sexy album too… and dance and cry until i feel betta or pass out which ever come first – loli saw prince first in 84 still got the stub! i went by myself to the concert. i saw him last onthe musicology tour – we had great seats i could see the spit flowing out of his royal mouth!and lance – i was punk funkin with rick too – there is room for all at the ladder (did u catch that Lo!) Lo, if you are willing share yo collection i got some music from a show live in portland from a former drummer that giged with Prine – can u say swap meet lol!


  10. >Girl, I've loved Prince since I was a little girl…that's one cute sexy little man to me. I went through my "purple" phase–everything I wore was purple…I even wrote in purple ink (on occasion, I still do…smile).A couple of years ago he was on tour and the guy I was dating at the time had promised to take me…well he wanted to use an excuse that he didn't have money for two tickets…and that's because he doesn't like Prince. Anyway, I said that's okay, you have enough for one–so I went to see Prince solo and didn't care–this is going to be a Prince CD night (smile).


  11. >speakin' mo' about his royal badness…the one t.v. moment i can remember of him was either at the american music awards or the grammy in the early 80's when everybody was luvin' michael jackson, quincy jones and friends with "we are the world". prince was on-stage standing off to himself suckin' on a lollypop while everybody was singing along.the Q, quincy jones tries to woo prince on to sing by placing the mic in his face. prince responded by taking his lollypop out his mouth and presenting it to Q for a lick. hilarious and classic t.v. michael jackson was getting mad praise, but never could compete with prince as all-around musician and entertainer.


  12. >*** NEWSFLASH ****just chatted with my cuz, mike the prince fan, prince is playing a "special" concert in hollywood, fla on wed. jan 31 at the hard rock cafe. tickets are $300 bucks!!!!….yep, he's going!sort of a pre-concert before the super bowl 1/2 time show in which prince is the main show!


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