>For The (Nasty) R&B Lover In You.

>In case you didn’t catch it, Justin Timberlake was the host of Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

The best bit of the entire night was a video spoof he did with SNL regular Andy Samberg (of the brilliant, now-legendary video spoof “Lazy Sunday“). Shamelessly entitled “Dick in a Box,” their video was a paean to those scandalous R&B love songs with lyrics and subject matter that we all know are a wee bit (or way) nasty, but have grooves so irresistible, you can’t help but flow with the music and sing along (think damn near every R. Kelly ballad from the past fourteen years, e.g., “Bump ‘n’ Grind” and “Feelin’ On Yo Booty,” or that masterpiece of vulgarity, Biggie’sF*ck You Tonight“).

This thing is hysterical. An instant classic. Halfway in, you’ll be singing the words. Trust me. Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

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9 thoughts on “>For The (Nasty) R&B Lover In You.

  1. >You know there is someone (think Matt) with an Xacto knife this very moment getting ready to wrap their presents.I hate that I missed this one but thanks for sharing it Lo.


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