>Either Castro Is Immortal…


…or he’s dead and has world’s best spin machine.

Cuban officials told a group of visiting US legislators that Fidel Castro does not have cancer or a terminal illness.

It was the most comprehensive denial yet of rampant rumors about the ailing leader’s health, the head of the US delegation said yesterday.

Representative Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, said Cuban officials did not provide further details on the 80-year-old leader’s health, but they did say that he would eventually return to public life.

“All the officials have told us that his illness is not cancer, nor is it terminal, and he will be back,” Flake said in a telephone interview.

Castro’s medical condition has been a state secret since he had surgery for intestinal bleeding in late July and temporarily ceded power to his younger brother Raúl Castro. He has not been seen publicly since July 26.

Ten-to-one Castro’s been dead since July 27th and they’re just keeping up the ruse. Ol’ boy is probably compost at this point, but his people could easily keep this act going for at least another year.

Castro’s illness not terminal, Cuban officials tell US delegates

8 thoughts on “>Either Castro Is Immortal…

  1. >well, lo…you know…the day it's announced that castro has "kick'd the bucket"…catch the first flight to miami cause that's going to be the party of the year! the cubans will celebrate for at least a week in the streets…calle ocho (8th st) will be flooded with happy campers!!!


  2. >Lance, does that mean they'll go back home?I've been watching this for a minute. I think part of the issue is there is no Post-Fidel strategy in place. I know ole George is just waiting to pounce on the poor little country so he can claim one victory before he leaves office.


  3. >Yaaawn. Good morning! Soooooo, I am in Cali right now, but still on an eastern standard time schedule. Rolled over and decided to "see" if anything was posted and BAM. Not only was there one topic to discuss, but FOUR. And all of them made me say wow. I actually believe Castro has been dead for awhile, maybe years. But Americans are stupid if we believe his people don't know like we do that we want to get in there and rape and rob Cuba. I have no doubt they'd keep it going as long as they could.


  4. >either if they announced that castro is dead, nuthin' will change…..for a minute. maybe there will be a revolution then again, maybe it won't. whatever happens, don't bomb the tobacco fields!!!!!as far as those cubans already in the u.s., it's a wrap for them. can't go back to take what they left behind. i would be pissed if i was a cuban still living there and those who flee want to return and takeover. you would be talking "a new civil war". "a class war" the rich cubans in the u.s., mostly fair to tanned skinned whites vs the poor darker skinned cubans.and of course, the u.s. will go after assata shakur (google: search) like hussein or bin laden….heyyyyy denea, long time…what's new?


  5. >I'd have to agree with the conspiracy theorists that ole boy is either dead or hanging on for dear life. They want to continue the charade that all is good in Cuba until they come up with a sure strategy for keeping the hammer down.


  6. >Although I despise Bush about as much as Castro, I will not miss the bastard. This revolution promising waves of freedoms turned dictatorship is a very common problem across the nations of Africa for a very long time and is ongoing. They're now having trouble ousting the "President" of my beloved Ethiopia who has been Pres. now since 1991 and has zero plans on leaving. So, it appears another dictatorship is in formation over there, which is so sad. All I can say is thank God we took the congress back last November or little Bushie might be staying on another click or three.


  7. >heyyyyy denea, long time…what's new?Posted by Lance | 6:35 AMhey lance! been doing a lot of travelling. been working on illustrations for my chiildren's book. got a commission in LA… just keeping busy. how r u?


  8. >all is well on the "east" side of town….hustlin' for the holidays…looking forward to a terrific '07congrats on the children's book illustrations & new commission. make it happen!!!!


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