>Officer, This Is An Outrage!!!


Guess customer service in the ‘hood ain’t as quality as it used to be.

A North Carolina woman was arrested after complaining to a police officer that the crack cocaine she had just purchased wasn’t very good, authorities said.

Eloise D. Reaves, 50, approached the Putnam County sheriff’s deputy at a convenience store Friday, telling him that another man had sold her “bad crack” that contained wax and cocaine.

She pulled an alleged crack rock out of her mouth and placed it on the deputy’s car for inspection, the Palatka Daily News reported for Tuesday editions.

The deputy told Reaves that she would be arrested if the crack tested positive for cocaine.

She was charged with possession of cocaine and bonded out for $1,504.

Heck, sometimes you just gotta ask the law for assistance, especially when you feel like you’ve been taken, but maybe this woman should have thought about it first. I guess when you’ve got an addiction like crack, all that matters is getting your hands on it. Anything that gets in the way of that is simply unacceptable.

The Dallas Morning News: Woman tells cop she bought ‘bad crack’

7 thoughts on “>Officer, This Is An Outrage!!!

  1. >Whitney said it best, "Crack is Whack."I used to always say crack was a liar when I would see the girls on the street preening and primping like they were a beauty queen but this tops the cake.


  2. >about samuel l. jackson and his character, "gator" in "jungle fever"….didja kno' he was an admitted drug user until he completed drug rehab two weeks before "jf" production?that speaks volumes about method acting.


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