>Why Won’t Men Report Being Raped?


Is it their egos? A manhood issue?

A rapist who preys on young men has struck five times in the Houston area since mid-September, and police said Monday there may be even more victims, but they are too ashamed to come forward.

The rapist typically stalks, robs and sexually assaults his victims at gunpoint, apparently choosing them at random and attacking them near or inside their homes, police said. The most recent attack was Nov. 30.

“I wish we had a link between the victims, because we might have a better chance of catching him,” said Lt. Richard Whitaker of the police department in Baytown, where two of the attacks took place. “We don’t have any affirmative links at all.”

He said some victims may be reluctant to come forward because of their ages and “a pride thing” that makes men more reluctant to acknowledge being the victim of a sex crime.

Investigators believe that rape is the motive, even though some victims were robbed. DNA testing is under way in an effort to identify the attacker.

In some cases, the attacker approached his victim outside their home. Other times, he broke into the home.

What happens to a man when he keeps this kind of violation to himself? Is it life-changing, or are men socialized to just keep rolling as though it never happened?

reviewjournal.com: Rapist Preys on Men in Houston Area

13 thoughts on “>Why Won’t Men Report Being Raped?

  1. >i see a script coming outta this…i thought about writing a script similar to this but based on how men would react to a woman serial rapist to "men" only. based on a true story of three women in north carolina that kidnapped a man back in the '90 and forced him to have sex with them all with a shotgun at his head.how he got it up without continually pissing on himself would be a mystery…


  2. >This is an interesting story. I know that women often don't come forth about rape because shame and sometimes feeling like they provoked the attack. And you must consider that often in trials (especially high profile cases) the woman and her past is put on trial.But this is strange. It seems the rapist has picked his victims in advance like he's staked them out or something. Maybe he's gay and is targeting men he thinks are living on the DL. Now there's a script. What was that Al Pacino movie back in the early 80's?


  3. >In THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS Chris Gardner bravely and boldly addresses his own rape as a teen by men he'd hoped to unload some stolen possessions too to make some quick cash…


  4. >Got to see that film, Pursuit of Happyness. Sea of Love was good Lance, pick it up one weekend. I don't know. This is a toughy. As a man I wouldn't want to tell, because I'd like to give up the street justice (think Ving Rhames as Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction). Then on the other hand, you couldn't let a bastard like this get away clean. Maybe you'd have to do the "Carl Lee" (Samuel J. in A Time to Kill) and get him in court. Either way, you'd have to be looking for him yourself or giving up the goods so the cops could get him.


  5. >I totally understand why men (and some women) don't report being raped.I have worked with sexual assault survivors in the educational arena and as a volunteer.Reporting a crime like rape is extremely difficult emotionally. Sometimes a person's feelings of shame and embarrassment outweigh the need for justice to be served.


  6. >There is a script in here somewhere, wait…"Anus and Andy?" How about, "Saving Ryan's Privates?""Other times, he broke into the home," as quoted in the article…that's not all he broke into.I think I would have to hunt this scumbag down and pull a "Hostel" on him…


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