>Behold, A Child Reptile Shall Be Born.


Hail Flora, full of lizards?

Scientists report of two cases where female Komodo dragons have produced offspring without male contact.

Tests revealed their eggs had developed without being fertilised by sperm – a process called parthenogenesis, the team wrote in the journal Nature.

One of the reptiles, Flora, a resident of Chester Zoo in the UK, is awaiting her clutch of eight eggs to hatch, with a due-date estimated around Christmas.

Hmmm. Immaculate conception. Due date is Christmas.

If three wise men show up, I’m gonna start to get realllllll suspicious.

And scared.

BBC News: ‘Virgin births’ for giant lizards

11 thoughts on “>Behold, A Child Reptile Shall Be Born.

  1. >Lo, isn't this a form of history repeating itself? Didn't John Laroche (in Adaptation) speak about asexual plants, etc. that reproduced without being polinated? See I am a good student.Well, the way women are becoming more and more independent they won't need men before too long. Whether literally or figuratively I can see it happening. I remember when I was a kid seeing in a restroom bathroom something called "pussy in a cup" and Lo just shared "dick in a box." Doesn't the male seahorse carry the babies?


  2. >Funny Juan, I was just thinking the same thing as I watched 'Raymond' last night. A commercial for a new TBS series titled, "My Boys" came on and I was simply befuddled. Let me get this straight, five guys are best buddies with one girl that none of them wants to screw. Who in the hell wrote this show? This kind of thing does not exist in the real world. And then I thought, my God, what is really happening to men in this country? Have we been neutered here? Seriously, five guys want to hang out with a hot girl and talk about the trials and tribulations in her love life without the prospect of, at the very least, a tittie grab? Huh?


  3. >Matt, I thought the same thing. The entire premise for that show is a fallacy. Didn't someone just write a book about how women don't need men anymore? I forget the title…And, yes, Juan, the male seahorse DOES carry the babies.


  4. >Interesting, I actually thought I got "My Boys." I suppose because I had a cousin who had lots of male friends who were just friends. Actually for many years everyone assumed her to be a lesbian but she just enjoyed things that guys enjoyed. I think with her one or two may have tried to "hit it" but she was like "I don't think so."But anyway one of them on the show is her brother and I get the impression they sort of treat her like one of the boys because she's a sports writer who covers the Cubs hence all the baseball team references. Most of her love life stuff is in voice over and most of the time they are ragging her about whoever she is dating. But I think the real deal is she has the best poker parties and they use her as a place to hang. There is one character who rooms with her and he just proposed to the girl who he has an on again off again relationship with. The girl said no so the dynamics of the group doesn't change.But Matt I agree to an extent that what was once known as "male" — masculine — has definitely changed. I think there is a piece on Nightline tonight about role reversals in marriages.


  5. >I recall a time when hearing a girl say she just 'wanted to be friends' was a death blow. Now we want to hang out and wear each others panties. I also miss the days before cell phones so that tells you where I stand…


  6. >c'mon matt…men don't wear panties……we wear DRAWS!!!!in this hetero, metrosexual age…REAL MEN need to stop ackin' like PUSSIES, and grab their nuts and say "FUCK IT, WHERE'S THE BEER?!!!!"….and if you women wanna have your "own" baby by test tube, swallowin' watermelon seeds or otherwise (as long as it's not by another "daddy long stroke"…that I GOTTA PAY FOR….GO FOR IT!!!!! (;-P <=== the lanceMAN has spoken!


  7. >"REAL MEN need to stop ackin' like PUSSIES, and grab their nuts and say "FUCK IT, WHERE'S THE BEER?!!!!"~~The LancemanOn the real, though, it seems like there are a lot more Mama's Boys out there.Matt–I call my cell phone my electronic leash. I miss the days where no one knew where I was or what I was doing.


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