>People Who Should Have Been Neutered At Birth, Part 1.


This man…

…(allegedly) killed his 3-year old son…

…as a result of extraordinarily cruel measures in an attempt to make him learn.

An Alameda County jury today convicted an Oakland man of assault causing death and child abuse in connection with the 2003 death of his 3-year-old son, but have not yet reached a verdict on a charge of murder.

The panel convicted Chazarus Hill Sr., 27, of assaulting and abusing Chazarus “Cha Cha” Hill by repeatedly used a belt, his fists and switches whenever the boy wet the bed or misidentified numbers and letters on flash cards.


During closing arguments Monday, [Deputy District Attorney Darryl] Stallworth whipped the air with a switch and slapped his own palm with a belt as he described how Hill allegedly beat his son during the last month of his life.

Instead of putting the 40-pound toddler to bed at night, “the defendant put him in a casket,” Stallworth told jurors, urging them to return a verdict of first-degree murder.

The boy died Sept. 20, 2003, of multiple injuries, including a blood clot in the brain.


The defense attorney questioned whether some of the injuries could have been inflicted by Kymberly Ford, Cha Cha’s stepmother, when Ford was alone with the boy.

Ford, who also testified in the trial, was released from prison more than a month ago after serving part of a four-year sentence on a child-abuse charge for allowing the assaults to occur.

I’ll never understand people who beat an education into their children. Don’t they understand the negative association the child will have with the learning experience? It’ll always be something they associate with pain and torment. The good thing about all this is that people who harm children are the most loathed in prison. This cat should expect a royal welcome by The Sisters the moment he hits Gen Pop.

On another note, and I don’t mean this in an insensitive way, is 40 pounds the standard weight for a three-year old? It seems a little heavy. I’m not sure, so I figured I’d ask.

SFGate.com: Oakland man convicted in 3-year-old son’s death
Jury undecided on murder charge

6 thoughts on “>People Who Should Have Been Neutered At Birth, Part 1.

  1. >Stories like this make me physically ill.(BTW, Lo, 40 lbs is a little heavy for a three year old. My three year old is 38 pounds and he is the biggest of all of his friends. That's OK, though, I personally like chubby little kids!!)


  2. >They need to sew up his asshole and feed him grits and watch his him explode. I can't stand people who have the privilege of being a parent and then hurt those innocent babies. When he gets to prison…he will lie about what he is in for. And unless the inmates follow the news or he pisses of a guard who spills the beans no one will know. But if he had ever stepped on my dorm while I was a guard…he would have gotten his ass beat!


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