>R.I.P. James Brown.


This man’s music was a major part of my childhood…

…sparked a fire in my five-year-old spirit and unleashed a sense of cultural pride that made me proud to rock my afros and braids and raise my little fist in the air and shout, “Ungawa!!!” (even though I had no clue about exactly what it meant). He didn’t just create music, he helped spur on an entire movement, giving black folks the ultimate mantra of self-worth.

Seems like all the giants of my youth are dying off, but the legacies they leave behind have made us the people we are today. The Godfather of Soul inspired us all.

He is one of music’s greatest icons.

America wouldn’t have been America without James Brown.

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AP: ‘Godfather of Soul’ James Brown dies

7 thoughts on “>R.I.P. James Brown.

  1. >He will definitely be missed but fortunately his music will live on forever.I wonder if anyone else sees the irony in him passing on the day that Dreamgirls opens? For those who didn't figure it out James Thunder Early was based losely on James B among others.May he rest in peace.Incidentally, for those who love Etta James on her last CD she sings "It's a Man's World" and I think James would have been pleased. She also does Purple Rain among others — the CD is great.


  2. >Wow. I was just thinking of that song, "It's a Man's World", it's one of my favorites by JB. On another note, my mouth was agape when I heard the news yesterday. He will surely be missed.


  3. >Lo, its time to write your memoir….I want to read all about the Giants of Your Youth….Just to add, my first sighting (odd as it is) of James Brown was as a child in Rocky, whichever one it was where Apollo died (and I sobbed)…Rocky IV I believe….and thats when I started to know what "music" was… When I heard the news yesterday I immediately thought of you…and wanted to come to your site to pay respects…just imagine last year, the blog had just started….now we all can't live without…Happy belated Birthday Lo ZoneXXX


  4. >I didn't stumble up on the Zone until about May or June and it's been an absolute blast. It's great hanging out here. Happy B'Day Lo Zone, it's definitely a place where you can say…"Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud"


  5. >Oh, one more thing…I was watching the news last night when they reported James Brown's passing and this dumbass reporter, standing out on his star on the Hollywood walk of fame, went into his entire negative history. Was there really a call for that? Disgusted me.


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