>Best Of The Zone, Part 1.

>I figured since The Lo Zone is officially a year old this month, we could have some fun by doing a flashback of some past blog posts. Might as well start with a bang. This first appeared on February 3, 2006:

Introducing…Improbable Friendships (Part 1)

Whereupon we ponder with how-da-fuck awe the unusually matched friendships between high-profile people and speculate on what the hell they could possibly have to talk about.

In today’s Page Six, under the heading Sightings, there’s a report of someone seeing veteran newsman Dan Rather

and rapper The Game

…sitting together in first class on a New York to L.A. flight, “chatting away like old friends.”

Wonder how that conversation went…

Game: So I was like, “Yo, nigga, fuck that. I know my man Dan is cool. He wouldn’ta been caught up in no bullshit ‘less he knew it went down for real.”

Dan Rather: Why, thank you, The Game. Uh…is that…is that…is ‘The Game’ what you prefer being called, or should I drop the article and just, uh, call you ‘Game’?

Game: What article? You wrote a article about me? What, it was sum’n bad, but now that you talkin’ to me and you know I’m cool, you gon’ drop it?

Dan Rather: No, no, no. I didn’t write an article about you. I was talking about the article ‘the.’

(stares blankly)

Dan Rather: (nervous) You know, like, um, uh, like a preposition or a conjunction. ‘The’ is an article, and I wasn’t sure if you preferred the use of it or not when being addressed.

So you gon’ mail it to me?

Dan Rather:
(confused) Mail what to you?

The article. You said you wasn’t sure how I want the letter addressed.

Dan Rather: Nooooo, I didn’t say anything about a letter. I meant the “The” in front of “Game.” Should I keep the “The,” or should I drop it altogether?

Game: (laughing) Nigga, you crazy!! You a funny muhfucka. All that time I been seein’ you on tv since I was a kid, I’an know you had jokes. You alright, nigga!! (holds out fist to Dan for a pound)

Dan Rather: (blinking rapidly at both the N word and the extended fist)

Yo, nigga…gi’ it to me!! (extends fist closer to Dan)

Dan Rather: (stares at the fist. bumps it with his own, front-to-front, like a battering ram, instead of on top. nervously awaits response. Game smiles. Dan breaks into a wide grin.)

That’s what I’m sayin’!!

Dan Rather: What? What did you say? Did I miss something?

Game: (laughing) Nigga, you crazy!! You cool as hell. (leans in, whispering) Yo, you ever smoke dro’?

Dan Rather: (blinks rapidly)

Game pulls a packet of something from his pocket, glances around, then shows it to Rather. Dan—acutely aware of not just federal law regarding possible illegal substances, but also the need to tread lightly so as not to give the current administration an excuse to send his tried-to-take-Bush-down ass off to Gitmo—quickly stuffs the packet inside his jacket. A passing flight attendant notices the exchange and alerts the pilot. Hilarity ensues.

New York Post: Page Six: Sightings

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