>Been Loved Lately?



Then you owe it to yourself to get a whopping big dose of it as fast as you can. And what better way to do it than coming out to see our sexy, sizzlin’ theatrical production…

This thing is going to be ON FIYAH. Helmed by master storyteller (and my good friend) David E. Talbert, it’s stuffed to the gills with talent, talent, talent, and most of all…heart.

Working on this production has already been one of the best experiences of my life, and we haven’t even hit the road yet. The show launches officially on January 11th in Houston, and odds are, we’ll soon be heading to a city near you.

Come show us some love in the ‘007.

You know you want to.

7 thoughts on “>Been Loved Lately?

  1. >Lo, if I hadn't seen you for myself, I would swear you had eight arms — you got your hands in everything. Handle your business girl!My "niece" is one of the producers on Steve Harvey and she has really been talking about David and Morris's visit to the show. I think you have a hit on your hands. I have to be patient cuzz DC is one of the final stops but I will definitely be there.


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