Why Does Busta Keep Getting Busted?

He’s a bit old to still be trying to establish his street cred, don’t you think?

Rapper Busta Rhymes was arrested after a man complained that the hip-hop star had beaten him up in a dispute over money, police said.


[…] a man told police that Rhymes had punched and kicked him numerous times in a confrontation outside a lower Manhattan building on Dec. 26. The man, whose name was not released, was treated at a hospital after the incident […]

Perhaps Busta should just sit down somewhere. Some folks might find it sexy when young rappers have beef, but no one thinks it’s cute when a grown-ass 35-year-old rapper is still running around in Tims, smashing people for daring to speak or look in their direction.

CNN.com: Busta Rhymes held on attack claim

6 thoughts on “Why Does Busta Keep Getting Busted?

  1. >You know how the streets go, "Rep is everything." — Remember Delroy Lindo's character in the movie "X", he couldn't let "Red" off because of his "Rep".I know, I went wayyyy back for that one.


  2. >These rappers need to let go of the hood. You are successful now, learn how to be a man instead of a common thug. I used to be a huge Busta fan. But when I realized that the only reason he wanted custody of his kids, is because he was pissed his girl left him for another chick, he lost my respect. Then when he wouldn't talk tot he police after his friend was killed. That was beyond bogus. He is a loser to me now. All rappers need to grow the hell up!!


  3. >"Rep is everything." – Richdidn't sadaam hussein said that?'nuff said. if it was about money or anything, busta has "enuff"…trust me…ENUFF money to have "someone else" do his dirty work. you would think from having one of his bodyguard's killed on the video set, to a couple of months ago, arrested for driving while talking on a cell phone and fuggin' wif the po-po…and now, this. he should know betta.busta is still hangin' on but the dirty south/rural america are making a bigggg stand in the rap game now and will slowly bypass the old heads like busta and 'nem. so, whether he gets his street card back or not…no one cares.


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