Friday Flashback/Welcome Our Newest Lo Zoner!!!

You know him from the most excellent music group and powerhouse production family, Full Force

…whose imprint has been all over the music world for the past twenty years, from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam to Rihanna and the Black Eyed Peas. Our newest Lo Zoner (and my new friend) is none other than Bowlegged Lou.


And make no mistake…he’s a Lo Zoner, and we’re most honored to have him in the family. (Here he is with his friend, the late, great James Brown.)

So how about we welcome him with a flashback to one of my favorite Full Force songs, “Alice, I Want You Just For Me.” Aaaah, the good ol’ days. Enjoy!!!

Full Force Online

10 thoughts on “Friday Flashback/Welcome Our Newest Lo Zoner!!!

  1. >Lo you know e'reybody!!!!!Welcome Lou!!!!! When I get home from work today Im going to watch House Party! Hell I might do it while Im at work…P.S. Here some TMI- Last night I fell asleep with a facial mask on my face and scared myself when I walked into my bathroom! lol


  2. >welcome to the new "house party" lou…kick back, grab a forty or a bottle of henny and a cigar (no blunts, please…the feds read this sometimes…lol) and, full force…..the memories. during the course of the james brown tributes in nyc, "static" came on the radio and it immediately took me back to raleigh, nc…where i first heard it, driving to work on capital blvd.much luv lo….as always….good lookin'.sheletha, i dun told you about smokin' that shit 'fore going to sleep…. ;-P


  3. >First off welcome to the Lo Zone Lou. I've always enjoyed your music. Second, Juan, I don't know how you missed him or the two muscle bound twins that he hung with. They had their hand in everything in the 80's. Lo, you do know EVERYBODY! A party is seeming inevitable (hint hint – filling in for Lance).


  4. >Juan,sorry, I mis-interpreted, you just hadn't seen the video.The song was the jam back in the day though, you must have been buried under all that Jazz you like.


  5. >Lo you taking me back down memory lane…back in the day, we all jammed some Full Force…If my memory is correct, two of them were also in one of the House Party movies. Welcome Lou.


  6. >First off….may i say i am proud to be a new Lo-Zoner. After checkin out my new friend The Files Woman's website and myspace….& laughin my ass off in tears as i read her "Planes,Trains & (you know the rest) I immediately became a fan. I delved more into her Files as i discovered that she was a successful author as well. (Hey Lo,dont forget my autographed copy of your latest scribe when i finally meet u in New York) I was equally happy when i called her on the phone to speak with her.(after i serenaded her) Loved her vibe and now i love my fellow Lo-Zoner's vibe as well.Thank u guys for the nice words that i've read. i appreciate it all. Hey Juan G…i dont know how u could of missed our first video "Alice" back in 1986. Our jheri curls were splashin activator all over the video channels back then. Hey Sheletha…Thanks for the House Party viewing in my honor (We gonna be shooting a new movie in the spring/summer called "Bouncers"… its not a House Party part seven but me and my 2 brothers do play the same House Party characters as we get out of jail ten years later and become Bouncers of this club. Its gonna be hot. We're excited. Lots of celebs will be in it. Will fill u guys in later this year) Hey Lance…thanks for the welcome dawg…..since the feds and alcohol/Cigarette comission might read this….Instead of following your advice with the kicking back of Henny,a forty and a cigar (and YOUR hint of a blunt)…..I will just kick back with some Kool-aid and one of those candy cigarettes like they had back in the day. Hey "Rich in the StL" Thanks for the welcome,Bro & i will pass on to my 2 brothers that u called them muscle bound twins. haha….theyre gonna do a House Party move on you and "Kick yer fuckin asssss" (i said that in my high whiny voice) And lastly sweet Sheila…thanks for jamming back in the day to our music. Youre still jammin to it,u just dont know it. (check our site… Anyway my fellow Lo-Zoners….i'm checkin out for now and sorry for my long ass words just now,its just that i'm excited to be a part of Lolita's world that she's created. Trust me….i wont write this long again. YO JUAN,WAKE UP MAN !! i see u snoozin !! Stay blessed everybody and may all the positive and optimistic things in life forever be yours. Have a great Bowlegged day. (R.I.P. James Brown. There will never be another !!! ) Bowlegged Lou


  7. >nice to hear from you lou… it's gonna be a wild and crazy 2007 on the lo zone!***hear that miami?!!! don't get it twisted!!!! ***…the lanceman ;-P


  8. >Hey Lou!!!Yau'll made the best break up songs – lol…Juan where you were parting – u were not IN THE PLACE 2 BE!!I turned my kids on to you all on the last rode trip we took. they only knew you from house party so I played All in My Mind (which is right there with orange juice jones in my break up collection), Alice, I want you just for me(of course), UNfaithful, Unselfish Lover, All Cried out, and my jam Temporay Love thang!


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