4 thoughts on “>1929-1968

  1. >to keep this brief…we were blessed to have such a "drum major" for humanity.but, just like Christmas, the holiday is slowly becoming more commercialized, especially in "our" community to get yo' party on during that "day" off or "freedom" or "free at last" of high prices..come shop at my store!if it can work for Christmas, who is dr. king????


  2. >Lance, good point. I try to make certain to stay out of stores on the "Holiday" and try to make it a day of service.My grandmother took me to hear the I Have a Dream speach. She was a maid at the the National capitol YMCA which at the time was only about 5 blocks from the National Mall. She snuck me into the overnight maid's chambers the night before so that we could get an early start the next morning. We both dressed in our church clothes and headed out and joined the crowds of people making their way to the Mall. Unfortunately, being only 5 years old I don't remember many of the details of the day but there was a "collective" emotion in the air that I would many years later call "pride." It was an awesome experience.I do remember the day he was killed. I remember my mother screaming into the phone, "Lawd, they done shot the president." It was many years later before I understood why she said what she did.Yes, I think we were fortunate to have a Martin Luther King and just as it is important to acknowledge his dream I think it is even more important for us to dream a new dream — our own dream — to make this a better world.


  3. >Very few men (black or white) has made the impact that Martin Luther King Jr made on our society. We've come a long way, but we still have some work to do.I hope that this generation will realize the sacrifices that he made and the rest of our forefathers and mothers made so that we could enjoy the kind of life most of us enjoy today.


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