Barack to Run!

It’s just exploratory for now, which means, “Will white folks really back me or am I getting off on my own hype?”

Sen. Barack Obama launched a presidential campaign Tuesday that would make him the first black to occupy the White House, and immediately tried to turn his political inexperience into an asset with voters seeking change.

The freshman Illinois senator — and top contender for the Democratic nomination — said the past six years have left the country in a precarious place and he promoted himself as the standard-bearer for a new kind of politics.

“Our leaders in Washington seem incapable of working together in a practical, commonsense way,” Obama said in a video posted on his Web site. “Politics has become so bitter and partisan, so gummed up by money and influence, that we can’t tackle the big problems that demand solutions. And that’s what we have to change first.”

Obama filed paperwork forming a presidential exploratory committee that allows him to raise money and put together a campaign structure. He is expected to announce a full-fledged candidacy on Feb. 10 in Springfield, Ill., where he can tout his experience in the state legislature and tap into the legacy of hometown hero Abraham Lincoln.

In a brief interview on Capitol Hill, Obama said the reaction has been positive and added, “we wouldn’t have gone forward this far if it hadn’t been this positive.”

Obama’s soft-spoken appeal on the stump, his unique background, his opposition to the Iraq war and his fresh face set him apart in a competitive race that also is expected to include front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

Obama has uncommon political talents, drawing adoring crowds even among the studious voters in New Hampshire during a much-hyped visit there last month. His star has risen on the force of his personality and message of hope — helped along by celebrity endorsements from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, billionaire investor Warren Buffett and actors Matt Damon and Edward Norton.

“I certainly didn’t expect to find myself in this position a year ago,” said Obama, who added that as he talked to Americans about a possible presidential campaign, “I’ve been struck by how hungry we all are for a different kind of politics.”

The question still remains: Is American hungry enough to let go hundreds of years of racist thinking and back a candidate who could be very good for this country? No matter what you think about him, he’s got to be a total 180 degrees from the guy standing in the Oval Office now. I’m all for giving him a shot, and not because he’s black. Well, at least it sounds good. He gets my vote just off GP alone.

Obama launches 2008 White House bid

11 thoughts on “Barack to Run!

  1. >it's gonna be interesting, but if he does run, as well as john edwards of north carolina, i think it'll end up a edwards/barack ticket. unless, another experienced senate member steps on board to run. chuck schumer, maybe…hillary clinton? all hype. if schumer runs, fuhgettaboutit!!!


  2. >There is a population of non-voters out there that if they get excited can really make a difference in the next election. I am talking about the 18 to 21, maybe 25 year olds. I haven't done any research but this group basically won't vote if there is no one of interest so they need something new and excting to spark their interest.It was similar for Bill Clinton. He energized a population that before him had no interest in politics and produced some of the brightest minds in the arena. I know many college law students who cut their teeth working for Bill Clinton and as a result ended up working in the White House and still are involved in politics — think George S.That aside, it seems like those of us who live around the edges of America get to breathe a different air from time to time and are more liberal but those who live in the interior breathe that same ole recycled stuff over and over and tend to be less progressive.Personally, I think unless he can amass an extremely bright team that he is too inexperienced for the job, but then again look what we have now.


  3. >good point, juan…..the mood does feel like a pre-bill clinton all over again…gonna be interesting to see what happens next. if the dems, start infighting like the past, they might as well hand over the title to john mccain.


  4. >Personally, I think unless he can amass an extremely bright team that he is too inexperienced for the job, but then again look what we have now.Posted by Juan G | 3:52 AMDItto. Its a little early for him to run, in my opinion. (But then again, good things take time. Great things happen all at once.)


  5. >I feel like Lance in that I would like to see Obama and John Edwards run on a ticket together. It would be interesting to know how well they get along now? I think Hilary needs to be happy with having been First Lady and Madame Senator. I think that's all she has coming. I also thought about the young voter's enthusiasm and feel like they would come out in droves if Obama is a part of the election. Not to say they would all vote for him, but him being on a ticket would create quite a stir. What the Dem's also need to do is figure out a strategy for "election thievery" in the event someone tries to steal it for the Republicans, again.


  6. >oh, i thought you were still in la-la land…it's all good here n the big apple, just cold and freezin' today.writing screenplays and hustlin' for a brighter, productive & prosperous '07good points rich…why is every state, damn near, every county can hold different election voting procedures, confusing the mess to start with.with today's technology, couldn't an easier approach/method could be used now or make everyone follow the same procedure?


  7. >I don't know if he's just too inexperienced or I just don't know that much about him. That's what the primaries are for so we'll see then. Until then I can only say that with Hillary becoming a centrist I just cannot see voting for her. If she had half the balls of Pelosi or Boxer, I would be giving her my full confidence. Until I find out more about Obama's voting record, etc., I wouldn't know how to judge him. I like Edwards and the stance he's taken against the war as well as for those living in poverty and for now he's got my attention. Of course, all that could change in a day. If he's half as wimpy as Kerry was when they swift-boated him then we're doomed. You can only grin and take it so long – we need fighting Democrats.


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