>Gotta Go. Gotta Go.


This story, although tragic, reminds me of a joke the late comedian Robin Harris did years ago. He asked the question, what happens if you are on a plane when it’s the pilot’s time to go? I guess the answer is that you pray for a good co-pilot.

Passengers aboard Contintental Airlines flight found themselves in that exact predicament on Saturday. Soon after the plane left the runway the pilot became ill and was later pronounced dead after the co-pilot made an emergency landing.

The 210 passengers on Saturday’s flight, which departed from Houston, were never in danger and the co-pilot landed the plane safely, Continental spokeswoman Macky Osorio said.

The airline said only that the pilot suffered a “serious medical problem.” Continental believes the pilot died of natural causes, Osorio said. The pilot’s name was not released.

Co-pilot lands flight as pilot dies

3 thoughts on “>Gotta Go. Gotta Go.

  1. >wow. kudos to the co-pilot as well as the flight attendants who had to keep a stoic face throughout the flight, so that the other passengers wouldn't panic. i'm sure if one of those flight attendants would have freaked out on board, imagine what the 210 passengers would have done.RIP to the pilot.


  2. >I don't think I would want to know. I would have freaked out and probably had a heart attack myself from panicing…wondering who was going to land the plane…thank God for the co-pilot 🙂


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