It’s What You Expected, Isn’t It?

Whatever the outcome of the Democratic Primary turns out to be, it will be nothing short of momentous.

With a field that’s as diverse as this country has ever seen, Democrats will get the opportunity to choose between…

A Woman.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks with Bobby Harden and his daughter Olivia at an event promoting health insurance for all children the day after she announced her candidacy for President of the United Sates, in New York, January 21, 2007.

Hillary will be the ninth woman to pursue Oval Office aspirations. Two African-American women precede her and seven Caucasian women, dating back to 1872. To see the full listing, click Presidential Candidates: Women.

An African American.

As they say in the NFL, He – could – go – all – the – way!

If Obama wins, he’ll bring new meaning to the term “Take It To The House.”

Interesting sidenote: There have been five previous U.S. Presidents who have been said to be of African descent (read, they have “black” blood in their ancestry). No, Bill Clinton is not one of them. They are: 1) Thomas Jefferson 2) Andrew Jackson 3) Abraham Lincoln 4) Warren G. Harding and the 5th, who was not as conclusive, is Dwight D. Eisenhower.

And A Hispanic Candidate.

Bill Richardson greets children living in Darfur’s As Salaam camp in Sudan in this Jan. 9, 2007 file photo.

[Matt, this may be your guy!!]

Bill Richardson made the decision on Sunday to enter the already packed Democratic race. Although he’s not as high profile as the other two featured candidates, he’s worth taking a look at. Here’s what he had to say about his candidacy.

“As an underdog and governor of a small, Western state, I will not have the money that other candidates will have. However, I believe these serious times demand serious people, who have real-world experience in solving the challenges we face. I humbly believe I’m the best-equipped candidate to meet these challenges.”

But like I said earlier, either way it goes, it definitely won’t be boring! I wonder if the GOP can make their series of candidates as interesting. You can bet they are thinking about it.

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo).

2 thoughts on “It’s What You Expected, Isn’t It?

  1. >as that great american bugs bunny once said…"of course you know…this means war!"look for the republicans to STILL, that's right y'all…STILL have control over the white house in 2008.why?you'll see. the dems will shoot themselves in the foot on media hype and bullshit. meanwhile, the republicans know they have to get their act together quickly with just a "few" potentials and weed out the rest, to keep "them" in the public's eye. whether it's obama being black or hillary being a woman, no one is looking at the substance, just a "popularity contest". isn't that what got us in the shit we're in today with bush?whoever it's going to be…you have to be able to carry the south, the west and the military on election day. hillary maybe get mad love in the liberal north, but in the south? fuhgettaboutit!!! the same with obama, sound too much like osama. just the dirty mind games of the republicans, hell, there's even talk already of spreading dirt and backstabbing from hillary's camp on obama saying he's muslim like "osama" and 'nem and in the south? fuhgettaboutit!!! whoever it's gonna be, the DNC needs to weed out the candidates quick and fast before the media and republicans destroy them all.


  2. >It's a toss up for me between Hilary and Barack. I am learning what I can about each before I make a decision on who I would like to see in the Oval office.


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