>On The Road Again


For those of you who didn’t know, Lo is touring with
David E. Talbert and Co. with the play
Love in the Nick of Tyme.

The show
just left New York
and now the show is headed for Florida
(Orlando Jan. 23rd and 24th, Miami Jan. 25th and 28th)

See what viewers are saying:

I attended the opening in Houston, Texas and I thought it was wonderful. My niece Christi Dickerson is in the play but trust me there is no bias here, the entire cast was fantastic and I truly enjoyed the show. I also enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with the cast, they are all so humble and sweet, and the fact that they take the time to meet and greet their fans after working so hard was awesome. I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you to David for giving my niece and others this great opportunity to show their talent. I would also like to put in a plea to please bring the show to Omaha, you won’t be disappointed at the support that you will receive. Be Blessed, L. Weaver

This was the first play from you that I’ve seen and I enjoyed it a lot. My girlfriend and I had front row seats and couldn’t have been more pleased. I will definitely go and see another David E Talbert play and look forward to buying the other plays you have on sale. Stay Blessed, Tammy (Houston, TX)

If I remember correctly,
LoZone regular, Lance (yeah man, I jacked you for your picture on myspace), was going to attend a show while they were in New York.
So Lance, tell us what your experience was like.

For those of you in Florida, go check out the show and take along a friend.

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3 thoughts on “>On The Road Again

  1. >Lo,Thank you–and to David E. Talbert and to Lyn Talbert–for the opportunity to attend "Love In the Nick of Tyme" on Saturday. To those of you who read this blog, I can't recommend attending the performance enough. From the talented and inspired cast, to the brilliant writing and energy of David E. Talbert, to the behind the scenes team (whom I consider myself very very honored to have met–and just as an aside GOOD LUCK back at school to each of the 3 interns leaving the production today for their spring semesters)–the day was an incredibly special experience for me that I know I will think of often.Lo, I envy you the experience on the road–I wanted to just follow this wonderful group wherever they might lead!Thank you for an amazing day, and for introducing me to this remarkable group of actors/singers/writers/producers with such pride…and for our dinner with Yvette which was fantastic, and too much fun!My fortune cookie said it all…Thank you thank you thank you again!Love, Your Loyal Editor


  2. >living in a city which thrives on broadway theatre and plays, i've only been to two shows (my cheep ass!). my first being august wilson's "jitney" in 2000 and my second and first touring play, david e. talbert's "love in the nick of tyme" which i saw last night.the energy, the singing, the acting, the crew, stage design, everything seemed to be top notch and with perfection. being an african-american i felt a lotta love that was flowing from the play. lots of stage production surprises and the singing. powerful stuff! the one thing i noticed that gave the play life was it's continuity. it just flowed, which gave it another dimension.i have to be honest…if it wasn't for lo. i would have been home watching the indy-new england football game. thanks lo for bringing me outta my shell. i would have missed the super bowl for this show. it's that good!!!dave, i look forward to not only your future works, but to go "back in tyme" to check out your previous books & dvds. never too late, til you're six feet deep!as anonymous stated, good luck to those production interns. i hope the experience will vault them to incredible successes in their future.p.s. you kno' you're at a black theatre production, when the person sitting behind you is eating barbecued pig feet! (;-P ….and didn't offa me any!


  3. >Lance, Thank you for carrying the Lo torch, I've been missing her voice! And THANK YOU for giving us a glimpse of "Tyme"–I've been going crazy from the lack of info, photos, reviews, etc! I'm counting down the days until the show's in Oakland where I get to see the show in full (I caught parts of rehearsals in LA in December). Ginny in Oregon


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