>Sometimes you can just go too far


Ladies can appreciate a man who knows how to dress. In fact, some men have found that their haute couture has allowed them to be noticed by women who ordinarily would not have given them a second look.

The idea is to present yourself in the “fly-est” of fashions and then confidently approach your awaiting admirer, strike up a conversation and then attempt to win her over with your charm, intelligence and wit.

Sounds easy enough. That is, unless you walk up in a pair of these.

According to a fashion house out of Milan, leggings are the latest must have in men’s fashion.

I’on know about all of that! I can’t see too many guys strolling confidently around in a pair of these, even if they are in touch with their feminine side.

What do you think ladies? Hot or not? Ultimately, men are just trying to impress you anyway. The only upside I see is that you get to show what you are working with a little better.

Marni: Leggings Are the New Must-Have

9 thoughts on “>Sometimes you can just go too far

  1. >That is the ugliest mess I have ever seen, I wish a African would roll up on me in a pair of those. No body wants to see some nutt hugging leggings on a grown man. Geesh..


  2. >No no no no no! That style is definitely NOT going to work. I wouldn't even want my man to sleep in some mess like that, let alone be seen in public with him looking like that. Keep that mess in Milan!


  3. >this reminds me of the beer commercial where this guy/gal couple were shopping for clothes and she found this fuck'd up looking lavender with rainbow stripes pullover shirt for him that he "really" hated, but since the "hot" saleswoman pushed that it was "italian", along with his girlfriend, he got it anyway.when he wore it to watch the game with the fellas, they laughed at him to no end and all he could say to back it up was "it's italian".the point is…if you gonna be a man, be a MAN. don't wear frilly, dumb shit that "automatically" throws up a red flag to women that your game is weak and thumbs down from your boys. no need to wear stupid shit like that unless you're at a star trek convention!(sucdx) <=== even the feds agree w/the lanceman for a change…lol!!!!


  4. >I felt like you guys were baggin' on me until Lance said, "unless you're at a Star Trek convention…"So now I feel okay wearing my Captain Picard uniform, saying, "Make it so…"


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