>What’s your back up plan?


The more I live, the more I see the need for creating my own wealth. It’s great to have a job. Heck, I have one now, but companies (not all of them) have shown over and over again that they care about the bottom line and not the people who work for them. Here are the statistics on the latest casualties from the Corporate World.

Drug firm Pfizer cuts 10,000 jobs

The shake-up comes as the world’s biggest drugs firm faces rising competition from generic drugmakers.
Pfizer said it planned to close three research sites and two factories in the US, as well as a factory in Germany and research sites in Japan and France.
The company earlier reported a sharp rise in full-year profits to $19.34bn, from $8.9bn in 2005.
I’ve had the experience of enduring a layoff and it’s no fun not knowing how you are going to take care of your family. It was out of that experience that I decided that never again will I rely solely on someone else’s vision to provide for me.
It’s important to have as many streams of income as possible. I currently have two, but I’m working on two more.
If you only have one, it’s high time you gave some thought to your own back up plan.

Full Story: Pfizer cuts 10,000 jobs

2 thoughts on “>What’s your back up plan?

  1. >i'm feelin' ya chief…back in jan. 2002, i experienced going thru my first layoff. after working for nearly 17 years straight, and then being laid off, i didn't know what to do……..but party!i had a nice severance package, along with an extended unemployment benefit$ from Gee Dubya and i just did the damn thing. traveling from nyc to california (2x), oregon (2x), north carolina (6x), mississippi, atlanta, miami….just rollin'. but as in all things, it eventually ended and i wound up working at lowe's home improvement at night to concentrate on getting in screenwriting career in check. left lowe's to now pepsi and life's a little better but it's not end of it all….not yet anyway. hollywood awaits!!!!


  2. >Yeah Lance, you need to get "Pepsi Free" and get yourself out to Cali.Last week was a hard one. My contact over at Irish Dreamtime quit and left me hanging. Then I got into it with my agent, which pissed me off.People are so goddamm touchy out here.


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