>Matt’s Girls


I’ve been meaning to do a post for Lo Zone regular Matt ever since I started posting. Although, his humor can be totally off the wall at times, I think he is crazy funny.

I heard about this story a little while ago, but kept forgetting to post it. However, there is no better time like the present.

Aside from Addis Ababa, Darfur and other African Provinces. Matt is totally in love with Tia and Tamara Mowry. Unfortunately for Matt, one of them is about to come off the market.

Tia’s boyfriend of six years, actor Corey Hardrict, proposed to her in front of her entire family on Christmas day. The actress was both surprised and overjoyed by the proposal. As for Corey, he must really be in love, because he was in tears during the proposal, which of course made her follow suit. Isn’t love a beautiful thing!

Matt, at least there is another one out there for you, and she looks just as hot!
So you better get to work before she’s gone too.

I have a general question for the masses, just something I’ve thought about before. If you fall for a guy or girl who has an identical twin, does that mean you are attracted to their twin. How does that work? Anyone have a twin experience they’d like to share?

6 thoughts on “>Matt’s Girls

  1. >Nope, twin attractions don't fly. I have a ife long friend that, many eons ago, I ws veyr attracted too. We were on different universes, so it just never happened. He had a twin who I not ionly found unnattractive, I couldn't stand to be in his presence.


  2. >I dated a twin before and I could tell the difference between him & his brother because of their personalities and their style of dress. I guess if this was not a public forum I would admit to having fantasies about those two fine men, but I won't. 🙂 I also have twins in my family and I've been fascinated with twins for awhile so I decided to write a story about them.


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