>Gotta love those haters


The comeback of the year happened on Saturday. Ohhh, you didn’t hear about it either. It seems that’s the way it is when you are the NTLTH
(you’ll figure it out).

I guess it’s like Jay-Z says “You paper chasing and they paper hating”.

Serena Williams knows about that all to well. Her win Saturday over Maria Sharapova catapulted her from being ranked number 81 to number 14 in the women’s tennis rankings.

Her win is also the result of overcoming personal tragedy (death of a sister and a lawsuit involving her sister, Venus, and father, Richard) and injuries sustained from previous tournament play. However, instead of cheers and support for her comeback, she was met with criticism and limited fanfare from the press. Prior to the Australian Open, critics said she was too fat to play in the event. They must have meant the street version;
PHAT – Plenty Hips…you know the rest.

Serena of coursed silenced her critics and to boot boasted of her 28 inch waist and other two assets. Enough said!

Now that’s what I call a game with love in it.

The real Serena Williams has just stood up!

6 thoughts on “>Gotta love those haters

  1. >Well she's a Libra…and you know how we do…she beat that little white gurl in 50 minutes…i was cracking up.I can't stand commentators. They see all that ass and chicks go running to Dr 90210 to look just like her…shameful


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