>It’s always the old heads


Have you ever seen a time when someone young won the lottery?
It seems all the old heads always win. What’s up with that?

A World War II veteran and his family stepped forward Monday to claim a Powerball jackpot worth more than a quarter-billion dollars, one of the largest single-ticket lottery prizes in U.S. history.

Jim Wilson II, 84, and his wife, Shirley, 79, claimed the winning prize from last Wednesday’s drawing, along with their three sons.

“I was absolutely astonished,” said Jim Wilson, a retired electrician who served in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in Africa and Europe, at an afternoon news conference. “I couldn’t believe it, and still don’t.”

He bought the winning ticket — with the numbers 9-19-29-42-53 and a Powerball number of 17 — at a grocery store in St. Louis County. The store will get $50,000.

When the Wilsons learned they had won, they got professional financial advice before claiming the prize.

Jim Wilson II has the option of receiving $254 million in 30 payments over 29 years, or accepting a lump-sum payment worth $120 million before taxes.

The couple said they will share the money with their sons. The St. Louis family has been buying family Powerball tickets for years with the understanding that they’d share any winnings, the Missouri Lottery said.

Two sons — Bill, 54, and Jim III, 59 — lost their jobs in the past year, though Bill Wilson has found a new one. Another son, Terry, 53, said he hasn’t had a vacation in 30 years and will probably go to Australia.

The couple also said they will set aside money for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

You know all that sounds good, but can a brother under 40 win the jackpot?

Preferably that brother will be me. Sorry Lance. But hey I will share when I win. Party on South Beach!

Full Story: WWII vet, 84, claims $254M lottery prize

5 thoughts on “>It’s always the old heads

  1. >i'mma hold you to dat party dawg!!!!i'm happy for the couple & their families. may God continually bless them .but do you know…"the rest of the story"?, well, here's the insider scoop!when jim wilson bought the ticket, he bought it at the last minute before the powerball sales closed. at the store he bought them from, the cashier offered to jim some $5 quick pick tickets that were printed but didn't sell. so after he bought his tickets, he purchased one of the $5 quick pick sets, that turned out to be the winner. i wonder how many people who probably turned down that offer to buy, if offered, only to realize their frugalness cost them $254 million dollars.that's why, when i play any lottery game, powerball, mega millions, etc…if there any valid tickets available and a customer doesn't want them…i snatch them up quick. you never know where your financial blessings are going to appear.


  2. >You have a method to the way you play. I like that. I just roll in and grab a ticket and roll out. I'm also in with a group of co-workers, everyone submitted their numbers, so I play everyweek without thinking about it. We manage to win, but little money, nothing over $30 yet. We always take the winnings and buy quick picks the following week. It's two bucks a week, so $104 bucks for the year.


  3. >Sorry, I meant Rich! I always get you guys' names mixed up, dammit!I feel like one of those crazy old mothers, who screams the wrong names at her kid: "Dammit, Arvin, Karl, Junior…goddammit RICKY!"


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