>Single mother, two kids


I have a friend, let’s call her Marie, who is a mother of two (ages 2 and 2 months). The father of her kids, we’ll call him Curtis, is a kid himself (early 20’s) and just not up to the challenge of manhood and fatherhood. She’s in her early twenties also, but was basically the more responsible of the two. They had been married just over two years when he decided he couldn’t handle it and so he left for another woman, whom he’s not happy with either. Go figure.

For her part, Marie did verbally emasculate Curtis at times, because she didn’t agree with his leadership style. A lot of times she would end up having to do the things she asked him to do like cut the grass or fix something herself. He also made bad decisions when it came to money, because he wanted that “balla” lifestyle without putting in the work. Needless to say, they are going through a divorce.

Marie is very attractive and has a great head on her shoulders, but she wants to be married again. I’ve encouraged her that she won’t be on the market long, but of course there are no guarantees. So here’s the question I have. Hopefully I can get some of the guys to come out of the woodworks and respond to this or some sisters who have experienced something similar. The question is what are the chances of a sister finding another mate who has two young children? Does having the kids throw her out of contention even if she has everything else on the ball?

What are your thoughts, what are your experiences?

16 thoughts on “>Single mother, two kids

  1. >Unfortunately, I would say Marie has a hard road ahead. Here's the thing. It's hard enough (it seems) for a man to be a father to his own kids so it is even more difficult for him to be a father (good father that is) to kids that are not biologically his. My mother told me when I was in college that she never re-married because she didn't want a man mis-treating me. So Marie will also have this to contend with; her wish to make sure her children are treated properly by another.Then if Marie is triple jointed with a trick pelvis, she'll be just fine.


  2. >When I met my wife I had a daughter and so did she, my daughter lived in my home state of Florida with her mother, so she wasn't really the issue. However, I did have to come to grips with my other daughter only because she felt like I was coming between her and her mother, but what do you expect from a 5 yr old. Fortunately, once we were serious, my wife decided that we had to present a united front, so she didn't bail my daughter out when she was being a little brat. I went through the "You ain't my daddy" tirade, but I'm the man and she's the kid. I decided I wasn't letting some bratty kid come between me and my lady. Today, we have a great relationship, she does dumb teenager stuff like try to talk back, but that's nothing I can't handle. I'm daddy, not her biological, because I'm the one who has been there for her. We both love each other tremendously. So it doesn't have to be a bad situation. The mother just needs to be able to PROPERLY asses the type of man she is dealing with. As long as she's not blinded by the stick, I don't think the fathering thing has to be an issue.Now if you are prone to picking bad men, this comment doesn't apply.


  3. >But is it different for a woman to find a guy like you rich???I don't think its any longer taboo in the dating world to find out that your potential has offspring


  4. >Are you asking if a single woman like yourself should be more open to considering a man with kids, when she doesn't have any?Or are you saying men are punking out because women have kids.


  5. >Men are punking out because some women have kids.I would always consider a man with children. I like the chillen, but I don't have to give birth to them. So as far as Im concerned, its all good. Now the man with six kids with seven baby mommahs (i didn't know it could exsist either) that maybe the man I stay away from entirely.


  6. >welp…it's all about patience…patience…patience…but it's hard to be patient when your lonely…that's what "marie" is probably experiencing.would i invest the time and energy with baby mama and her bebe's kids??? depends…depends on how big her ass is! (;-P <===the lanceman has spoken!


  7. >Hey Lo this Marie chick is the one in the pic ? If so I'm single and she can come hang with me … especially if she can get the ex to watch the kids every other weekend. No man really trips on the fine woman with kids … especially if the kids are adorable . I agree with Juan if she got the triple jointed trick pelvis she'll be more than fine … give her my number Lo heheheheLove Lance and Juan for keeping it real…


  8. >Single mother two kids sheeeetttttttt!!!! That sounds like every woman I have dated for the last decade . Women don't seem to have a problem hooking up with the next cause men are conditioned to deal with the kids from new found love's past relationship('s) Most women don't have to deal with it because mostly when a man is a father his children lives with their mom…


  9. >I don't know what to say about this story except that my stepfather was a far superior father than my biological one. He put up with my two sisters and my shit for 30 years and is still there for us now, even after our mother's death. Sometimes biological fathers can be worse than the alternative. Nuff said.


  10. >What's up Lance .. yeah I'm back and in full full effect. Been working writing and selling dogs .. check out my website … keep posting the funnies here … Lo really has a good crew following her rants.. dig it and love all of ya'll


  11. >"I have a relative in the same situation but she doesn't have a problem finding men to date." – Sheliac'mon shelia, tell the truth…sister gal got back, ain't she???


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