>Bonnie and Clyde


Statistics have shown that one of the common themes for marriage not working is money. Usually that is due to a lack of money.
Well, one couple decided to insulate themselves from that by robbing a bank a few weeks after they got hitched.

Two newlyweds were arrested and accused of robbing a Utah County bank, just weeks after getting married. Kylee and Joshua Rich of Lehi are due in federal court Wednesday to hear the charges.

Kylee Rich, 20, was arrested Saturday, shortly after swapping cars with her husband, who is accused of robbing $3,100 from a Wells Fargo branch in Lindon that day, the FBI said. Police caught him Sunday in Pleasant Grove.

Besides that heist, Joshua Rich, 25, was charged with robbing the same bank on Nov. 10 and Nov. 27.

“The wife was supposedly involved in only the third one,” FBI agent Scott Wall said.

The Riches were married in November, shortly after the first robbery, Pleasant Grove police Capt. Cody Cullimore said.

The money was spent on the wedding and trips to Las Vegas and Palm Springs, Calif., he said.

It looks like they went to Vegas and Palm Springs to double up that money, looks like they will be doing double the time.

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