>It’s all about the money


Yesterday I posted regarding Brandy’s trials surrounding a recent accident. It appears they were setting her up to take her loot after all.

The parents of a woman killed in a freeway crash involving Brandy sued the actress-singer for $50 million Tuesday. The wrongful-death suit claims Brandy was driving recklessly when her Land Rover struck the back of a Honda driven by Awatef Aboudihaj, 38, “The Insider” first reported.

Was it really ever about the loss of life or are they just seizing the moment? Had this accident been an average civilian what would have been there options.

Brandy sued for $50M in fatal L.A. crash

6 thoughts on “>It’s all about the money

  1. >welp…you knew it was coming.i don't necessarily think that just because it was brandy that they are suing. they probably would have sued me or you just on insurance claims. problem for brandy is she's made millions before…….whether she has the loot now, different story.


  2. >more than likely, they'll settle with more than $1 million but less than $10 mil…undisclosed of course, so all parties can move on, but this death thing may "kill" brandy's career. she's pretty much on the backburner these days with beyonce snatchin' the crowd and ain't giving it back up soon.


  3. >They would probably sue the insurance company…I agree…but I'm sure as they found out she was a celebrity, their attorney set her up (excuse my wording) for the kill and plan on taking her to the bank. Sadly, at this point, it's not about the death, it's about how much they can milk this rich celebrity.


  4. >Yep Lance it was a matter of time.My ex's father's estate was sued by her mother because her brother died in a plane crash with her father as the pilot.What's interesting is if the lawyers are good they will actually try to put a value on this women's life as it relates to how much she would have contributed to her parents' livelihood and life. They would have had a much better chance if she had children (young children) because basically it will come down to how much she earned what her earning potential was and how much they (the parents) would have benefited.The legal system is a mugg.


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