>It’s Just A Fantasy


Thelma (Bernadette Stanis) from Good Times, Penny (Janet Jackson), Dee from What’s Happening (go ahead, admit it), Pam Greer, Whitley (Jasmine Guy), Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet), Freddie (Cree Summer). All of these ladies and more were at one time or another the “girlfriend” of some black (we weren’t African American then) male kid in America. For me it was definitely Penny (Janet) and Thelma (I’ve always liked older women).

The fake girlfriend has always been part of the male psyche, and today is no different.
Beyonce, Ms. Bootylicious herself, has been nominated the number one fantasy girlfriend by Askmen.com

Since I’m married now, I don’t get to play the girlfriend game anymore, but I’ll open it up to you all. Who would be on your list?

Ladies, you can play along too. What guys do it for you? And while everyone is at it, tell us why you chose who you did.

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32 thoughts on “>It’s Just A Fantasy

  1. >Thelma from Good Times ooh wee !!! Had the pleasure of meeting her once with her husband believe I actually growled at him when introduced. If i had a fantasy … and I'm here to tell you I don't have many left ( I'm 39 at this time in my life if I haven't done it I didn't want to).But if i had to admit a fantasy it would be to have Pam Grier and Janet Jackson ( Charlene from Different Strokes incarnation) butt naked in front of an ATM giving me money… it's kinda pimp kinda freaky


  2. >LOL@ Courtney. I think I may be close to the oldest in here. Now I have to admit this was before I realized Black was beautiful but my crush was on Barbara Eden as Jeannie. I think I was about 8 years old when that started coming on and I was hooked immediately. Shyt she was fine and could blink and take me out of my miserable 8-year old existence — it was love. Then a few years later, Julia (Diahann Carroll) came on the scene and I wanted her to be my momma — hey older women had it going on.




  4. >Sheletha, why are you commenting in ALL CAPS?I liked Ponch from CHiPs, too. I also liked Hutch from Starsky and Hutch. And, guess what? My husband looks a lot like him. I guess old crushes die hard.


  5. >You guys are triggering more memories. As far as older women go, think Denise Nicholson from the show "Baby I'm Back". Now, she was fine. Oh, and Felicia Rashaad on the Cosby Show. Claire Huxtable had it going on.


  6. >Juan, I'm with you on the caucasion chicks too. They controlled the tube. Yeah, Jeannie was fine and I liked Marsha Brady, especially when she got up in age.Emmanuel Lewis, Sheletha. What's that short man going to do for you. Bad girl.


  7. >you know…it took me about 5 mins before commenting to stop from laffin'!!!!!sheletha…are you serious?emmanuel lewis: short people gots no reason to livvvvve!!!!!prince: riiiiight. you wanting to get yo' freak on and prince is licking his hand and going "ooo-oooh!!!"ponce: okay, okay….decent. it's the handcuffs, huh?Gg: i guess that's ONE way to have your cake and eat it too. find someone that looks like your fantasy guy/gal and voila!!!!naturally, i'm with the selections that cortney and juan selected. all those women were hot back in the day….especially PAM GRIER, queen of the mountain, no doubt!….never been breast fed but i was (and still is!!!!) a willing candidate!!!! janet? i'on know bout that one….even back in the day…cute, but too much like a baby sister from her "penny" dayssurprised none of the sisters chose, billy dee williams, richard roundtree or j.j….hahahahaha!!!!big ups to these fine sistas from back in the day, vonetta mckee, judy pace, denise nicholas, tamara dobson and many, many more. and how about this one fellas…..a true knockout…JAYNE KENNEDY!!!!!when you really think about it…it was these sistas of the blaxpolitation era that brought strength to women roles in hollywood, waaaaay before "thelma & louise" or "kill bill"


  8. >Jane Kennedy, now you reached way back for that one. Moving away from TV, I used to like the Pointer Sisters and Sister Sledge too. I think I was in the 6th Grade then.Funny you say you marry someone you had a crush on, my wife resembles Lisa Bonet.


  9. >People use to tell her that all the time, it's no big deal. When I say crush, I just mean I thought they were "nice". I don't go overboard with it. Never put up posters of anyone, other than Vanity from Vanity 6, so it was just an admiration of beauty. My wife has grown out of that look anyway, she just looks like her beautiful self.


  10. >well if this is a fanatsy girl by periods in your life .. I can add a few more … funny yhtring is being in the business I get to run into the women I drooled over from time to time … Pam Grier met her and chilled at basketball game sitting next to eachother ….( gave me her number !!!)Like that Carmen ELectra taco bell commercial used to tell people this and thery would be like yeah right .. one day we are out at party in LA she walks in with her man and runs over and gives me much love .. my boys lost Beverly Johnson.. damn was she fine and Sheila E ( sexiest midget in da world )


  11. >hey cort and the rest of y'all that are layin' back up in da cut…we're trying to hook up a "lo zoners" trip to south beach on the weekend of june 16 – 17…the same weekend of the american black film fest. just to let you know…hell, we may not get into the film festival activities, but the likka stores will be open!!!! (;-P <=== jack daniel's anyone?


  12. >Back in the day, for me it was Bruce Leroy. Any man who could catch bullets with is teeth….And, though I don't know y'all, I'm kinda sorta embarassed to say…Patrick Swayze. Blame it on the dirty dancing. Plus, he had balls. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."


  13. >Maybe you can tell me about that fantasy sometime, Sheletha. I hear you church girls are freaky like a Pastor's daughter. Yeah, I've been reading your stuff. What's up Girly Girl. I like sippin' on Middle East Tea too.


  14. >I still masturbate to Sister, Sister. Oh, come on! I meant when they were older…for the love of Pete.Seriously, when I was a kid, it was Cher on The Sonny and Cher show. Man did she have some revealing outfits. Thelma was definitely on the list as was, I shit you not, Kristy McNichol from Family. I'm sorry, I was a kid and I thought she was hot. Is that wrong? Also, Tootie in the later years of…can't even remember the name of the show. And I remember days of watching Cosby only to see Lisa Bonet. Who didn't want to bone Bonet? Wow. When Angel Heart came to the theater, I came in the theater. Sorry.It's incredibly sad that I will still check Sister Sister to see if it's in their later years. It's not that I'm a horndog for them, it's that they look strikingly like my ex-wife and I miss her. It's kind of the only way to see her in a strange, Norman Bates kind of way.


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