Where’s A Celebrity When You Need One?

Blogging is a time consuming job. Anyone who does it on the daily can attest to what I’m talking about. That being the case, it’s always good to have some filler ever now and again to get you through those days when there is nothing to talk about. Having a celebrity handy is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Lucky for me, Lo left one of her friends for me to gain access to.

You all know and love him, the funny, the talented, the melodic, the Love Dr. himself…

Show some love for Cortney Gee.

Cort Geezie, as he is known on The Lo Zone, is back from a tour of duty entertaining our beloved US Troops. Now that he is back, you can find him spending his days posting on his own blog, The World According To Cortney Gee.

Take a visit and check him out. You will find that Cort has no hang ups about the things he loves, and he’s not shy about what he posts. I really don’t know how he finds the time to post all the stuff he does (about 5+ posts a day), but it’s definitely entertaining. You can also check out some of his past standup by going to his YouTube channel. I really enjoyed his site and I visit his blog on the regular. I hope you will roll through and show the brother some love.

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