>Halleluyah!! I’ve been changed


It looks like Ted Haggard has undergone quite a change after a THREE week intensive counseling session. While it’s been nearly three months since he made headlines for having a male partner, Haggard has since managed to steer clear of any duplicitious behavior.

So, in honor of Brother Haggard, I offer the following selection from the choir.

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]
I know it’s hard to walk the straight and narrow sometimes, but let’s hope that his change is sincere and that he just isn’t looking to find his way back into the pulpit for the wrong reasons. The church leaders suggested he relocate (damage control, in my opinion), so I’m sure he’ll be preaching again soon.

I hate to sound like a non-believer, but this just seems all too familiar.

Haggard now “completely heterosexual”
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5 thoughts on “>Halleluyah!! I’ve been changed

  1. >ya kno'…i forgot all about haggard when i was watching the video. that's a powerful song!!!wouldn't be cool to see a competition of gospel mimes? it would be like a step show for the Lord. 0(;-)


  2. >Its always good to have your Spirit renewed. Mimes and Steppers are all over the churches. Actually my son is a member of the Step Ministry: Tribe of Judah, and they have competitions all the time. It's awesome.


  3. >So I guess Haggard's going to stop sucking hired cock dry to sucking parishioners' savings accounts dry.My personal thought is that he'll keep doing both.


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