>Born That Way


Before I get into this, let me make one thing clear, I’m not anti or pro gay. In fact a very good and longtime friend of mine came out while we were in college. But that’s neither here nor there (doesn’t matter), the point I was attempting to make is that maybe there is some validity to this “born gay” theory.
I’ve heard comments like you don’t see other animals outside of humans acting gay. Well, that’s not quite true.

Zoologists have known for many years that homosexuality isn’t uncommon among animals.

In fact, male sheep exhibit homosexuality at least as often as humans: roughly 8% of rams turn out to have sex exclusively with other rams.

Talk about a butt in the head. I guess all that slapping up against each other got them turned on.
This little piece of faunal ephemera might otherwise have gone unnoticed outside the rarely intersecting subcultures of gays and shepherds. But a few months ago, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals launched a p.r. campaign on behalf of gay sheep. PETA claims that researchers in Oregon are killing gay sheep and cutting open their brains in order to learn how to turn gay rams straight.

The lengths we go to in order to make everyone and everything fit inside a box is unreal. If those sheep want to bump each other, let them go right ahead, besides they were born that way.

Time: Yep, They’re Gay


3 thoughts on “>Born That Way

  1. >I think that people are looking too far into the 'gay animal' theory. What difference does it make if the sheep are gay? Shave them and make me a hoodie.As for gay people, I dont believe the 'born gay' non sense. It's all about preferences;just as I like tall men. Your friend is your friend regardless of his sexual preference….not that there's anything wrong with it.


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