>LoZone Celebs now on DVD

>As I was enjoying one of my favorite jaunts to Blockbuster, I couldn’t help but notice that Eric Jerome Dickey’s novel “Friends and Lovers” was available on DVD on the New Release wall; the stageplay version.

If you are like me and haven’t read the book (sorry Eric) or seen the stageplay, here’s your chance.

I’m just glad to see the variety of media that offers the work of African-American writers and entertainers increasing. You will also be able to see another Lo Zone favorite, Mel Jackson staring in the release, along with Miguel Nunez, Leon, Monica Calhoun and Maia Campbell.

I tried to get a copy several times this weekend and still haven’t had any luck, so it must be pretty darn good. With the original story done by Eric and this cast of actors performing in the play, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

2 thoughts on “>LoZone Celebs now on DVD

  1. >I have a set budget for "entertainment" purchases and I will be going over this month…lol…I'll have to get this. Gerald Levert's new CD comes out today and of course a few books I need to get this week as well.


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