>Happy Valentines Day


On this day set aside for love, I hope everyone gets their fair share.

For some reason, I’ve never been a big fan of Valentines Day. Maybe it was because I was usually single when it rolled around. It wasn’t planned (I didn’t dump to avoid holidays).

Anyway, I searched the blog archives to see how Lo celebrated last year. So keeping with tradition, here’s a little piece of chocolate for you ladies.

My son Miles, who just turned 5 in December, already loves the ladies, so he’ll enjoy the attention. I know ya’ll didn’t think I was going to find some man to put on here. However, if you just must have some chocolate, here’s something you can sink your teeth into.


7 thoughts on “>Happy Valentines Day

  1. >Isn't it amazing how a day set aside to acknowledge love can be identified as V.D.I ain't cynical just by myself this year 😦 but then that ain't a bad thing either.HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (even to the fellas) — we got to learn to acknowledge each other a lil' better


  2. >happy valentine's day to all my lozo peeps and even to you too anonymous…miles already a playa. k pops, bring him up right, no more than two girls per week in high school!!!!…gotta keep his pimp strong and eeeeeeez!!!!!here's a newsflash…kinda happy, although i didn't win a thing, but i learned last night that a co-worker of mine won last saturday night's ny lotto for $34.5 million.i'm estatic just in the fact of knowing someone whose actually won a big time lottery game. keep hope alive, go buy a lottery ticket. a dollar and a dream can go very far if you allow it too.


  3. >It's dangerous having a son when you remember how bad you used to be. He has all my charm and then some now at age 5, so it's going to be quite a ride watching him grow up. He's a loving soul, so I hope some chick doesn't break his heart and lead him down the dark side, but I'll be working overtime to help him peep game and stay a true and honest brother.


  4. >Happy Belated Valentine's Day y'all. I've been knee deep in trying to meet a deadline. Lo, you have a cute little boy…when he gets older, you'll have to beat the young ladies off.


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