>Stripped Down


Sometimes getting what you always wanted means losing something that you already have.

Since I was 12 years old I have dreamed of being in Playboy,” says California-born Michelle Manhart, an Air Force drill sergeant.

However, it seems the US Air Force didn’t take too kindly of her posing for Playboy, so they ended her twelve year career by removing her from extended active duty and demoting her from staff seargent to senior airman.

What a raw deal!

Does her posing really make that big of a deal? She only exposed enough to give some good eye candy views (sorry no links; contrary to popular opinion, this site is PG13).

While I understand that the military is a strict environment (I did my time as a Reservist), the fact that women are among the ranks hasn’t been that big of a distraction and there is a LOT of “relations” going on in those camps. I think at best, she would have caused an initial fuss, but then it would have quieted down.

Air Force strips Playboy poser of status

One thought on “>Stripped Down

  1. >I actually saw this girl in Playboy and wondered if there were going to be consequences for her.Unlike you, Rich, I do think it's a pretty big deal for a woman who is trying to be taken seriously to pose in Playboy. I mean, where do we draw the line, otherwise? Would it be cool for a teacher to pose nude in a 'gentleman's' magazine? What about your attorney or financial analyst?Being nude, or being seen nude, most definitely undermines a woman's authority and power. As a drill sergant, she should have known this already.Sorry for the long post, but I guess I'm the only one who has anything to say. 🙂


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