>What’s your take?

I decided against music this week because I wasn’t sure if you all were really feeling the selections. I may pick it back up, depending on how I feel. But we’ll see. Right now I listen to either Gospel or Hip-Hop (what a combination, right) and I don’t have any old school Gospel that I’m interested in sharing; I’ve done enough hip hop for now. So, I decided I’d share an opinion and let you give your take.

Today’s opinion:

Whatever happened to being able to say what you feel regardless of if someone gets offended? I hate it when the press, public officials, or anyone for that matter pressures someone into back peddling a previous statement that they made. I’m more than happy to allow someone to play their cards and reveal their true self. It makes it better for all parties when you have a clear picture of who a person is. I say, we should move to repeal the entire notion of “politically correct” and allow people to remove the masks.

Do you agree/disagree?

Case in point #1: Tim Hardaway (retired NBA player) comments “I Hate Gay’s”

In my opinion he makes a big enough fool out of himself, so why make him take it back, regardless of his affiliation with the NBA. Let him wear his comments. He’s only sorry because no one else would stand with him on the comments. He still means it.

Case in point #2: Beauty and The Geek Contestant puts foot in mouth.

I watched the season finale of “Beauty and the Geek” and in the end the winner of the $250,000 prize was going to be awarded based on how much the process changed the final Beauty/Geek pairings. This threw a monkey wrench in the program because one of the contestants schemed, connived, and just basically threw salt in the game to get to the end. However, it was her own partner who convinced the panel of judges not to vote for them, because she basically balked about hating everyone and not wanting to kiss their “donkeys”. Had she been more politically correct during the show they probably would have won, because the guy she paired with, everyone loved. So my point is, in the end, she showed just how much of a butt-hole she was and she didn’t get rewarded for it, she paid for it, to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars.

How do you feel about the subject in general? Do you think we should encourage censorship or just allow people to speak their piece and “watch the ice break”?

3 thoughts on “>What’s your take?

  1. >People are entitled to their opinions; however there's a time and place for everything. If I said everything I think, oh my, I would be in trouble with a whole lot of people 🙂 I've learned to be tactful and respectful of others regardless if I agree or disagree with their lifestyle or viewpoints on a subject.


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