>Cheating can kill you


While searching out a post topic I ran across an interesting article. Here’s the headline:

The death did not occur from the hands of an angry wife as one would suspect. It came as a result of having your cake and eating it too.

The majority of the men who died during sexual intercourse, died when having sex with mistresses, not with their wives.

The study was done in Germany on 30,000 men who died since 1970. Out of those 30K only 60 men came and went at the same time and over 25% of those men were with a lover or a prostitute. So what caused the death you ask. It wasn’t bad loving. In fact is was just the opposite. It seems that when men are with their other woman, they go out of their way to perform at their best. That’s right, they died trying to “represent”.
So much for “who’s your daddy”.

When these men went out of their way to “put it down” it seems their orgasm was exhausted, with the likely cause of death being attributed to increased blood pressure.

10 thoughts on “>Cheating can kill you

  1. >I ain't gone lie, there is some truth to that. Your real woman already knows what you are like. Since you talked up on the new woman, the sex has to be all that because it's all you have you can share with her. Most of the time anyway, especially if you are creeping.


  2. >I don't think that was a stab at you Girly Girl. From where I'm standing, it was just a play on words. Warning would be participants to not get turned out in the process.


  3. >naw, i ain't mad at ya boo….rich was close…thin roast beef slices take on a "look" of their own sometimes…this is what happen when you drink too much… (8-P


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