>Friends and Lovers


Last week I mentioned that Friends and Lovers was available on DVD. Well, I got a chance to watch it on DVD over the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mad props to Monica Calhoun

and Lo Zone favorite, Mr. Iamenus himself, Mel Jackson.

Their acting was superb. The entire cast did a great job. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

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4 thoughts on “>Friends and Lovers

  1. >I too saw the stage play when it came to kalamazoo. Funny thing about Monica. I arrived at the venue early to get the tickets for my bookclub so that we could all sit together at the play. As I was walking down the street Ms Monica came out of a side door of the theater and was walking ahead of me. I saw her and she saw me but I didn't say anything. I was thinking how she was digging into Taye Diggs in the movie, The Best Man. In fact the whole wedding scene with her and Morris at the alter was flying in my head at the time. Anywhoo, she was walking in front of me, and I guess she was thinking I was going to stop her and do the groupie thing, but I wasn't she wasn't Mel Jackson. She started to walk quicker and quicker and she tried to dive into a consignment shoppe but the door was locked. She looked trapped and I was thinking the nerve of this chick trying to get away from me, who was totally disinterested in what she was doing in my city. So I pointed, laughed and told her that places here close early and continued on to my car.Well its no Cortney Gee and Pam Grier story, but a story all the same.


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