Friday Flashback.

I haven’t heard a selection from this group in years, but I was listening to my Pandora player the other day, and one of their selections came across. When I heard them I had to smile, because I had long forgotten about them. As big of a music fan as I am, I have let go of my music collection activities in favor of buying my wife and kids more of what they want. However, since we have the internet these days it’s not as big of a sacrifice as it has to be, because I can still get exposed to good music. I can hear Lo now telling me that I should also buy myself some of what I want, but that’s another post topic altogether.

Back to the point at hand. The group D’Influence hails out of London and they are billed as an Acid Jazz band, but they do some great soul alternative music as well. Listening to them brings to mind Incognito, Brand New Heavies, Omar (who I personally haven’t listened to since 1994), and Carleen Anderson just to give you an idea. The songs I wanted to share were “Funny How Things Change” and “Good For We”, but I couldn’t find them online and I have their album entitled “Good For We” on cassette. Remember those! They have gone the way of the 8 Track; so sad. I still have music in my basement, good music I might add, that’s on cassette. I may have to go pull some of it and get my reminisce on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: D’Influence




Have a great weekend. It’s been real.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

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