The Toast Of Hollywood.

Congratulations to Forrest Whittaker

I guess I need to see King of Scotland


Congratulations to Helen Mirren

I also liked her in Shadow Boxer

Congratulations to Alan Arkin

I loved him in Little Miss Sunshine

Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson

I know this has to be a wonderful ride she’s on.

To all of the winners of the Academy Awards, Congratulations!


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

7 thoughts on “The Toast Of Hollywood.

  1. >My favorite comment…"Look at what God can do"Last night the Awards show was incredibly boring. Im glad I saw Jennifer, Forest win and Eddie lose. Well not so much eddie lose, but to see that part of the show, y'all know what I mean. Their awards were in the mix of some really stale awards and even more stale acceptance speeches. I liked the shadow people that was pretty cool. The devil wears prada shoe was my favorite…oh and the penguines…How'd they do that?The dreamgirls performance was a little less to be desired now that Prince is my standard. Beyonce over sang. Anika Rose made sure she wouldn't be forgotten. JHud looked as if the pressure to impress was off and just sang. Sang girl.


  2. >This is a little off subject (not much, I promise). I hope Anika (the third 'Dreamgirl') gets more roles. She is a Tony Award winner… can act, dance AND sing. I love the grace she has shown through out this whole affair. I have yet to hear a bitter or distasteful word from her about either of her co-stars. Nor has she played "what about me?"


  3. >Denea, you made some good points. She has shown a great attitude throughout it all. Sometimes people forget there were 3 Dreamgirls and not just Jennifer & Beyonce. I was so happy that Jennifer Hudson & Forrest Whitaker won. I was about to cry along with Jennifer. I was disappointed that Eddie lost.


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